Which Trends Are Impacting Digital Marketing the Most?

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The nature of digital marketing continues to explode in popularity. As more and more brands learn of its importance, even small businesses are using basic elements of digital marketing to reach customers and persuade audiences. Given some forms of digital marketing are quite inexpensive as well, and it’s no wonder this form of marketing is so popular.

In recent months and years, new trends within the world of digital marketing are emerging. There are a number of factors to consider depending on whether your audience is on social media, using search engines or checking their inboxes. Which trends are creating the most impact on digital marketing and its potential for success?

Keep reading to learn about these trends and why they’re important for your brand’s success.

Visual-Based Multimedia

20 years ago, internet connections and the devices capable of using them were very limited when compared to today’s standards. This meant that much of the content available online was either text-based or low-quality video. However, brands are now capable of pinging websites with a litany of high-quality multimedia content. These developments are exponentially impacting the world of digital marketing.

With high-speed cellular connections, wireless internet and the proliferation of mobile devices, even casual internet users are capable of enjoying comprehensive multimedia content. Most mobile users in particular prefer to absorb marketing content via video or audio rather than via text: this is pressuring many brands to adopt content-rich marketing strategies that incorporate these elements. As such, it is worth investing in video marketing – along with other easy-to-absorb forms of multimedia – in your online pitches.

Voice Search

Virtually every mobile device being sold today includes one or more forms of voice search capability. Even at-home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home utilize voice search technology as their primary function. To be seen and heard – whether organically or through paid means – increasingly means accommodating for voice-based searches.

One in three people globally report using voice search on a regular basis. This means you can no longer count on people seeing and/or clicking on ads or content: you must optimize content in such a way as to pitch to individuals who may only hear the content in question, or who will only see visible results based on how well you have optimized for voice search.


Unlike many years ago, people are more likely to be disjointed in their search and consumer habits online. With the advent of mobile technology and the presence of multiple internet-connected devices in the home, people may begin the process of seeking solutions on one device but ultimately follow-up on another. Likewise, the distractions of modern life in conjunction with 24/7 access to info for many has led to an increased number of people starting a query only to later complete the process.

Remarketing or retargeting is a concept that allows brands to perpetually target users who have interacted with their ads or brand in the past. This is an exceptional strategy for those shoppers who might be interested in buying a product but aren’t ready to pull the trigger, as you can keep pinging websites with ads specifically targeted to them as a reminder.

To keep up with the competition and ensure optimal performance, understanding the latest trends in digital marketing is a must. These three trends are the most prominent evolving as of late: consider how you can incorporate them into your broader strategies and guarantee better results!

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