What Goes Into Conversion Optimization?

Conversion OptimizationMost brands understand that there is a need to convert visitors and viewers into subscribers, customers and dedicated fans. The art of doing so is often referred to as “converting”, and the conversion of individuals revolves around the idea of getting someone to perform a specific action or task based on your brand’s goals. Maximizing the number of conversions that occur is essential to long-term health for any brand, but not all conversions and engagements are similar in their goals. Nevertheless, maximizing the number of conversions revolves around a few key points. Today, we’ll discuss what goes into the process of conversion optimization, so that you can improve conversions for your brand.

Build Personalities

It is impossible to thoroughly connect with individuals – particularly through marketing efforts – without building various personalities that are designed to appeal to various groups. This is the number one reason why landing pages are so crucial: they help brands shape a particular narrative and tell a story to a specific type of person. Many brands that wish to convert users in some way or another will deploy dozens of different customized marketing efforts and landing pages to reach various types of people. The personalities behind each effort will help make better connections between your brand and individuals, which in turn will increase the likelihood of conversions.

Build Traffic

Without a steady flow of traffic to your website from other sources, it becomes impossible to truly maximize the number of conversions you’ll enjoy. Pinging URLs to landing pages doesn’t matter if nobody is seeing them. Because of this, it is important to constantly be building traffic through a variety of sources. Social media is one great way in which to build both organic and paid traffic that can convert into new customers, subscribers and members. Email marketing remains one of the most targeted and cost-effective methods for reaching out to people and securing conversions. Search engine optimization and paid advertising through search still ranks near the top of many marketers’ lists for efficient conversion optimization. At the end of the day, one or more of these efforts may be perfect for your particular campaign, but all have been proven in one way or another to be helpful in boosting traffic, and therefore, conversion rates.

Evaluate User Processes

Not all buyers, shoppers, subscribers and users come to the same conclusions through the same efforts. This is why a variety of different landing pages, media formats and pitches are necessary. Some individuals may come back to your website later – after initially seeing your landing page – to finalize their engagement. Pinging URLs to people in a diverse number of ways and across multiple platforms is an important part of maximizing conversions. Some people will need to be targeted and retargeted multiple times before they decide to make a purchase or subscribe. At the end of the day, evaluating the many ways in which different people come to the same conclusion will help your conversions efforts become more effective and reach a larger number of people.


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