Which is the best CMS for web developers?

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Content Management System or CMS is what web developers use to literally manage backed content of websites. It is a software that allows website owners and managers to create and modify content on the site without having any deep knowledge of coding or programming. The idea of a CMS is to allow people with little or no experience in coding to start creating and maintaining websites.

Most CMSs come with a lot of pre-built features. It’s like a new Phone coming with new features like face recognition. The CMS gives the user features like an easy way to format text and photos and lay them out on the page according to design guidelines. This is the most basic feature obviously and depending on how powerful the CMS is, you get more features that can help your website become more professional. Features like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), mailing list subscription and social media plugins make a CMS stand apart. There are many different kinds of CMS available on the internet and we have listed out some of the best ones for you.


WordPress is perhaps one of the most used CMS out there. This is because of its ultimate ease of use and the fact that it was created specifically for writers and bloggers. This means one doesn’t need to know any coding or programming and the layouts are very artist friendly. There are thousands of templates and themes developed by WordPress enthusiasts and these templates can pretty much cover any website theme. So whether you are a photographer who wants to display your portfolio or a fashion clothing brand who wants to sell outfits onlines, there is a WordPress theme for everyone. The large community also means that any troubleshooting can be done really quickly. The WordPress editor is very intuitive and can really make your website stand apart and you can learn more about using it in this article here.


Joomla is another extremely popular CMS and probably as widely used as WordPress. It’s a great option if your website is not dependent on text and is more about user management. That’s why Joomla is the first choice for any membership-based website. Like WordPress, even Joomla comes with a lot of themes and templates built for every occasion.


Drupal is an extremely powerful CMS which offers the same kinds of features as the other ones mentioned. However, it has a slightly steeper learning curve. Drupal offers a lot more control over all the users and it is also multilingual making it way easy to deal with. It’s particularly known for its taxonomy and also the fact that it is way more secure than WordPress or even Joomla.

There are several other lesser known CMS like Typo3 which is for people with a bit more experience in web development. There is also Serendipity which is ideal for smaller blogs. With the above mentioned points, we would rate WordPress as the most popular and subsequently the best CMS for the average website manager.

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