What Value Can Videos Provide Your Brand?

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Monitor WallContent creation can deliver many unique benefits for any brand or business. When the phrase “content creation” is used, many people think about website pages, blog posts, news articles and other forms of text-based context. It is this type of content that helped build and shape not only the internet, but the concepts of search engine optimization, email marketing and brand awareness. In an emerging age of rich multimedia, however, text-based content is no longer the default go-to for many brands. Videos and visual content in particular have begun to take off in recent years, and search engines appear to be preparing for an era in which this type of content can be as thoroughly indexed and analyzed as blog posts and articles. Today, we’ll talk about the current value that videos can provide a brand, in the hopes that more businesses and brands will begin utilizing them in their marketing and content creation efforts.

Social Media Potential

Videos are anywhere from two to three times more likely to be shared on social media than traditional posts. Brands and businesses that want to get their content in front of new audiences – whether through organic shares by followers or through shares obtained through paid advertising – will find it much easier to do so when pinging servers with video content. Now that some social media networks like Facebook have implemented auto play functionality for videos, you can design videos in such a way that the first few seconds really captivates an audience and convinces viewers to stick around and watch more. The raw number of engagements that can be extracted on social media from videos far exceeds that of traditional posts, and for that reason, videos have a lot of value.

Search Engine Potential

Google has increasingly begun incorporating videos in a larger share of standard searches, but there are not nearly as many people contesting the top ranks in video search when compared to traditional search. Videos that are optimized for search engines can create a lot of potential leads and interest for brands, as a well-ranked video in search engine niches can easily be in the top 3 or 4 non-video specific search results for said term. Because of this, there is still opportunity for brands to target a wide variety of SERPs – including many that are heavily contested in other forms of media – and potentially be ranked much higher via video than through other means.

Product Placement Potential

Anyone who is in the business of selling products or services should know that videos can dramatically increase conversions. Buyers want to be able to see as much of a product or service as possible before they make a commitment. In the age of the internet, it is all too easy to provide doctored photos or to otherwise misrepresent a product. Videos of a product are much more difficult to manipulate in this regard. As a result, many potential customers will feel more at ease with your brand when able to view a product through video content. By pinging servers with videos, you can dramatically increase overall sales and reduce misunderstandings about online purchases before they occur.


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