Must-Have Elements for Your Online Product Page Design

Selling products via the web is a big money-maker for many businesses and brands. Some businesses were started online and operate there exclusively, while others have transitioned to an online model as one way to more effectively supply customers. Whatever the situation, your products won’t sell if you don’t have both an audience and an appeal. Every product page should be optimized for the customer, with the goal of selling to as many people as possible always at the forefront. Today, we’ll share with you a few must-have elements for your online product pages so that you can generate as much profit as possible.

Plenty of Images

If you’re selling any product online, then people are going to want to take a closer look. Merely featuring one or two photos of the product – especially if they’re stock photos – rarely persuades those who are on the fence when it comes to buying. If you’re willing to start pinging your website with several photos of each product, however, then you have a much better chance of closing the deal. Try offering photos of each style of the product, photos from multiple angles and candid shots of the product in use if possible. All of these will help people get a better idea of how the product works, looks and functions in real life.

Detailed Descriptions/Features

You want to be very clear about how and why people need your products. It isn’t enough to merely type one or two sentences about each product: really spend time and dedicate to describing how the product looks, functions and works in day-to-day life. You also don’t want to forget about how important features are to those who may not have their minds made up. Keep in mind that features are different from specifications; you want to explain each feature and articulate why that it a benefit to the potential buyer. If you execute this portion of the product page properly, then you’ve likely eliminated one of the biggest reasons why people don’t follow through with their purchase.

Ratings or Reviews

What do other people think of the product? It’s important from the perspective of a potential customer! If you have any track record of selling these products online, then chances are there are reviews or feedback you’ve received somewhere. Whether you wish to integrate product review pages from off-site services onto each page or implement your very own customer product rating system, it is essential that customers see feedback about what they’re going to buy. Many people put off making a purchase until they can do more research about what others think: if you include ratings and reviews for each product on-page, then you’re taking away one of the major reasons why people’s shopping carts never turn into purchases!

Any business or brand selling products online should strive to provide as much info for each product as possible. By pinging your website and each product page with ratings and reviews, detailed descriptions complete with features, and lots of images, you’ll help reassure potential customers that they’re making the right decision.

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