Should Your Online Organization Be Using Mobile Fundraising?

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Mobile DonateMost non-profit institutions rely solely upon donations in order to keep their operations running, so fundraising is obviously a large part of running any successful venture. Finding the time to have fundraiser after fundraiser can be stressful when trying to simultaneously perform the duties outlined in your mission statement, but fundraising in the modern era does not have to be as elaborate or tangible as many events of the past often were. Online fundraising is quickly becoming a popular method through which organizations can acquire the necessary funds to continue their work, but is mobile fundraising worth the effort? Below, we’ll detail the benefits that mobile fundraising can offer.

Plenty of Options

Mobile fundraising is versatile in the number of platforms to which it can be applied, and being configured to handle mobile devices through various websites is paramount to expanding your fundraising potential. Not only can fundraising efforts be broadcast through various social networks like Facebook (which are already optimized for mobile), but having a mobile-friendly website coupled with mobile-compliant fundraising emails will ensure that readers and subscribers are aware and capable of making a contribution. Rather than pinging links that may or may not be mobile-friendly, do your homework prior to ensure fundraising success.

Increased Contributions

A number of different experiments all show that by virtue of having mobile and standard methods of fundraising, the total amount raised can increase significantly. Organizations that utilize either a mobile app or mobile-friendly website in addition to traditional online contribution methods raise twice as much on average as organizations who solely use traditional online fundraising methods. The average number of individual donors also increases by a similar amount (80%) in the same scenario. By soliciting contributions through mobile-friendly platforms, organizations are reaching their audience in a more personal way and at any time – you don’t carry around a laptop or desktop consistently, but your phone is most likely with you 24/7.

Added Utility

Those tasked with raising funds for your organization will find a new level of freedom when using mobile solutions to solicit funds. Many options – like Square Register and PayPal – offer mobile card readers and applications to allow businesses and non-profits to raise funds and collect revenue via credit or debit card. These in-person solutions can help increase the number of opportunities your “bundlers” have in raising funds in the real world, while also offering donors added flexibility in terms of how they can contribute.


Those who insist that pinging links to readers, subscribers and existing donors will result in increased revenues are misguided. While these methods do work, adding mobile fundraising options to your organization’s strategy will reap far greater benefits than any traditional online approach ever could achieve. Those who take advantage of mobile fundraising will enjoy a variety of options through which to elicit contributions online, added revenues thanks to having a diversified fundraising infrastructure and increased flexibility for the organization’s fundraisers. If you have been ignoring the world of mobile fundraising for your organization, then it is time to reconsider your approach.

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