Websites with More Content Generate More Customers

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Generate CustomersIt only makes sense that the websites that update their content the most frequently tend to receive more visitors than sites that do not distribute fresh content consistently. For a long time, though, this was simply believed to be true rather than demonstrably verified. Recent data, however, shows a clear consistency in this trend – which also translates directly into the conversion rates a website can expect. For those who have been wondering if they are getting the best conversion rates possible on their projects, we recommend the following information in order to ensure your website is optimized for such.

Advantage: Large Social Media Following

Strong overlapping trends have been observed between site rankings assigned by major search engines and the number of both Facebook and Twitter followers each. While some may say this correlation is circumstantial, it has been shown that targeted social media campaigns can result in up to twice as many conversions as a traditional email campaign of the same size – even if it is, generating additional social media presence can result in more leads and conversions. The precursor to this? Increased clout on social networks has been correlated with increased levels of content being distributed via social media at appropriate times.

Advantage: More Indexed Pages

Another observable trend among analytics that take into consideration hundreds of thousands of websites is more index-able pages have a direct impact on the amount of inbound links and traffic you will receive. Sites saw between a ten to twenty percent increase in the amount of inbound traffic when compared to a similar site with half the number of index-able pages. Make sure that all of your pages are accessible by search engine bots and spiders so that they are pinging your blog, forums and website in full, giving you an ever-expanding number of indexed content.

Advantage: Frequent Content Distribution

Not only do websites with more content receive more customers on average per month, but websites that update their content more frequently do, as well. A website that updates its content multiple times per day has been shown to generate roughly three times as many conversions as a comparable website that updates its content less than once per month. Even when comparing two sites that update once per day and once per week, respectively, you can expect a ten to fifteen percent increase in conversions if your site is the one pinging your blog and status updates daily.


By focusing on how frequently your content is distributed, making sure it is being indexed by search engines upon publication and pursuing a growing network of social media users to follow your brand, you can slowly but surely attract an exponentially greater number of customers and conversions than you are currently. The best part is that since all of these aspects feed off of one another in some way, the expansion of all will help each element grow even quicker. If your site just hasn’t lived up to its profit and lead generating abilities as of yet, then consider the advice presented here and make sure you are doing everything within your power to achieve that result.

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