Required Skills for Digital Marketing Success

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Digital MarketingWe hear the term “digital marketing“ thrown around a lot, but many fail to understand just what it truly means. Like many other terms (“search engine optimization”, “content creation” and so forth), the term really encompasses multiple aspects of brand management, product promotion and web development. Those who are interested in the world of digital marketing must realize that it takes many different skill-sets coming together in order to do it effectively. This may be in the form of a team – with each member having its own area of expertise – or a one-man show that has managed to master all of the components that go into it. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the required skills necessary for a successful experience with digital marketing.

Writing Skills

Above all else, a comprehensive skill at writing will be needed for any digital marketing effort. From the content that is being promoted to the landing pages and ad copy that may bring people there in the first place, being able to articulate ideas, persuade individuals, invoke emotion and otherwise connect with readers is probably the most fundamental skill-set necessary to market a brand, product, service or business. Clear communication will help thoroughly explain to readers what is going on, why they should care, and what else they should do.

Website Experience

Basic SEO becomes easier and easier with each passing year, thanks in part to platforms and plugins that make it simple. Nevertheless, content marketing must occur somewhere and it must root back to a source, and that source is almost always a website. Whether you are pinging links to social media or sharing content from other blogs, being able to utilize content management systems such as WordPress will be crucial in building a presence that allows you to engage in digital marketing in the first place.  Other skills, such as HTML knowledge and experience, are also valuable.

Email Management

Digital marketing encompasses so much, but a big chunk of the effort will revolve around email marketing efforts. Email remains the most cost-effective way to attract individuals who have demonstrated prior interest to offerings and news about your brand, and being able to handle this data effectively matters. A variety of email marketing solutions – such as Constant Contact and MailChimp – exist to make this process simpler. In the end, managing your email lists, growing the number of subscribers and contacting them effectively all matter.

AdWords Experience

Google Adwords is the foremost utility for PPC campaigns and paid advertising on the web, so it makes sense that any digital marketing campaign will need to be able to take advantage of this tool. AdWords, in short, makes it easy to reach individuals from any background and audience through paid means; you simply tell Google who to target, how to display the message, and it will begin pinging links to the relevant audiences. With a variety of AdWords tutorials and programs out there to help you learn more, there is no excuse not to master this particular aspect of content marketing.

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