Just Because You’re a Sole Trader, You Don’t Have to Do Everything Yourself

Running a business as an individual is always challenging. You have a lot of tasks to tackle and plenty of things to do in order to keep the business running and your customers happy. Becoming a sole trader is also a great way to lower your overhead costs to a minimum, since you don’t have to deal with expenses such as employees’ salary.

That said, being a sole trader doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. There are still ways to offset some of the work you have to do without spending a lot of money in the process.

Work with Freelancers

Thanks to the internet and several freelancer websites now available, you can find freelancers that suit your needs in just a few minutes. Do you need someone to write content for the blog section of your site? You can find one online without a problem. Do you need help with accounting or getting your taxes in order? You can also hire a freelancer for the job.

Outsourcing certain tasks to freelancers is a very efficient way to offload your work as a sole trader. You can get more things done for a relatively low amount of money. Now that you have more energy and time on your hands, you can focus on other, more important things, such as developing new ideas for the business.

Automation and Partners

Another great approach to consider when you want to offload some of your tasks as a sole trader is by working with partners. Let’s say you are selling home remedies and you need to fulfil customers’ orders. You can now work with shipping companies such as DHL and FedEx in making the entire process easier to deal with.

Shipping labels can be printed automatically for each order. The shipping company will also supply you with suitable packing supplies and materials to ensure the safety of your products. Some partners will even do the packing for you, so all you have to do is organise the products.

This type of automation works with other parts of the business too. Adding a simple accounting module to your online store CMS script can help automate tax calculations, inventory management and other basic accounting tasks. The same can be said for order processing and picking.

Have Staff to Help You

Just because you are a sole trader, doesn’t mean you have to be the only member of the company. You may be the person responsible for the business, but you can have other people working for you.

As your business grows and you get more customers, hiring full-time staff members is the next step to take. Having people helping you with specific tasks is always a good idea, especially since you can focus more on managing the business and less on handling day-to-day – often mundane – tasks.

After all, you can only do so much. Don’t hesitate to use these options and offload your work as a sole trader. You’re giving your business more chances to grow by getting help.

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