Should SEO Companies Be Renamed Content Marketing Companies?

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With constant shifting occurring in the world of search engine optimization, many have been pondering the question of whether search engine optimization companies should consider a refocus of their abilities – and also, their names. As we begin to see the SEO tactics of the past become outdated and an increasing reliance on social networking, multimedia and interpersonal connections develop, many firms have been considering how to proceed. In this article, we will address those concerns and hopefully provide some clarity as to what the future purposes of these companies should address.

Content Marketing is Evolving

While in the past, search engine optimization consisted of text in the form of quality content or keywords along with pinging backlinks, we are now seeing an evolution that relies on an increasing number of multimedia concepts to be successful. A recent survey showed that nearly 9 out of 10 respondents believe that content marketing will play a bigger role in web development over the next year. The same study shows that more than half of companies plan to address this aspect of outreach in 2013. As more and more webmasters become aware of the value that content marketing has, there will be greater and greater demand for those services.

Making Preparations

While some have said that the renaming is a simple task, the act of preparing for such a shift is much more difficult. It is true that current search engine optimization specialists are still needed in many of the same capacities, but content creation is a different field than SEO; most companies have until recently dealt with one aspect or the other. Firms specializing in these industries will need to consider how they can expand their operations to include both services. Content creation firms will need SEO specialists to make sure their content is distributed, and SEO firms will need content creators as a way to offer a balanced array of services to clients seeking to expand from just traditional SEO.

Examples of Services

What exactly constitutes content marketing? Many may think of simple content creation (articles, pages) at first thought but the concept runs much deeper. One of the more popular current trends in content marketing is the use of infographics to detail a particular subject or field of interest, with the hopes of attracting said individuals to your website. Other examples include viral videos and social networking campaigns that rely on word of mouth. Rather than pinging backlinks on purpose, the goal appears to be shifting to one where content is distributed in the hopes of it going viral – which will create a ton of backlinks on its own.


If the main question is whether search engine optimization companies should re-brand themselves as content marketing companies, the answer is no. A simple renaming will accomplish nothing, but it should be a top priority for search engine optimization firms to begin incorporating content creation and marketing directly into their day-to-day operations. The failure to do so will be seized upon by others and those companies will most likely become the big names in a future we may not yet recognize.

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