Consider These Four WordPress Plugins for Your Blog or Site

WordpressWith more than one-quarter of all websites in the world now using WordPress in some capacity, it is no surprise that the platform has become more versatile than ever for bloggers and webmasters. With a wide variety of themes, templates and plugins that offer just about everything, the effects that this content management system is having on e-commerce, content marketing and community interaction has never been greater. If you are ready to inject a bit more life into your blog or website but don’t know where to begin, then continue reading to find out about four great WordPress plugins that will help you and your visitors get more out of each visit.

Yoast SEO (Free)

Every basic WordPress installation comes with a variety of basic search engine optimization tweaks, but you are truly missing out if you do not have Yoast SEO installed as one of your top plugins! Simply put, Yoast SEO helps improve on-site SEO in many different ways. With functionality that allows bloggers to improve overall formatting, keywords, tags and more, you’ll be able to quickly configure each page and piece of content as desired. In addition, a variety of passive optimizations are also included to ensure you’re pinging links and pages to search engines in an ideal fashion.

Gravity Forms (Premium)

Despite all of the progress made with WordPress in recent years, the software still does not possess a certified form builder. With Gravity Forms (currently priced at $39), you’ll be able to build a unique form for any occasion. With dozens of form options and settings, entry tweaks and notification settings available, you’ll never struggle to find a way to create a form that provides exactly what you wish to ask visitors, customers and more. Whether you’re building logic forms, order forms, entry management, social media quizzes or more, Gravity Forms can be used for it all.

W3 Total Cache (Free)

With so much focus on SEO these days, it is important to remember that website optimization, speed and functionality play huge roles in the process. With the W3 Total Cache plugin, it has never been easier to download and activate a solution that makes everything run more smoothly. How the plugin works is that it analyses and improves site code, helping to bring obvious errors into compliance with internationally recognized protocols that search engines use. This will help make the site faster (which search engines love) and ensure that the code is not sending bad indicators to Google and others.

WooCommerce (Freemium)

The ultimate solution for providing products and services to the internet at-large, WooCommerce is a very useful plugin that can be used on a free or premium basis (depending on the features you need). In just a few minutes, you can deploy a web-based storefront that gives customers access to product details, multimedia, payment options and more. Best of all, WooCommerce can be integrated with a variety of other special-use plugins that help further improve the functionality of the store and allow you to offer more opportunities for pinging links and selling products.

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