Before Your Publish Your Content, Check Out These Tips (Part 2)

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Home Office LaptopYesterday, we discussed four critical elements to inspect for before publishing any piece of content. Depending on your angle and niche, there are potentially dozens of different elements you’ll want to consider before publishing your content, but most writers and content creators will experience a lot of overlap. Not only do you need to look at the core components of your blog posts and articles before publishing, but you’ll also want to inspect various technical aspects of the content. In order to give you a few more pointers in the right direction, we’ll discuss another four great tips today that should be considered before posting anything.

Always Incorporate Multimedia

Unless your content is a form of multimedia itself – such as a video or infographic – you’ll want to be sure to incorporate various elements to improve its flow. Not only can pinging your website with multimedia help break the monotony in longer posts and articles, but it can provide some serious SEO benefit as well. Search engines love to see content that is infused with various forms of multimedia, whether that be images, videos or other forms of embedded material. Each piece of multimedia included in your content also provides an opportunity for more SEO in the form of tags, descriptions and headers.

Plug Your Social Presence

You likely already have social embeds for every page of your website – and likely every post as well – that are included in the design itself, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive even harder. Pinging your website and each posts with specific plugs that reference your social profiles can be a great way to get people to click, like and share. Perhaps you casually reference a recent update on Facebook and link to it, or maybe you have a related promotion occurring on Twitter. Whatever the situation, it’s generally a good idea to build additional social links in every piece of content possible.

Switch Up Your Keywords

If every post on your website uses the exact same keywords, then you are selling your brand and its potential short. Search engines are highly adept at recognizing keyword variants, but all too many people seem to think that search engines will automatically rank you in many of those variations without specific targeting. You can broaden your keyword horizons by using a variety of variations in each post, including but not limited to synonyms and keyword restructuring. By doing this, you’ll maximize the number of SERPs in which you can rank and improve overall SEO potential.

Carefully Proofread

It can be all too easy to fly through a post or article, forgetting to properly proofread it for errors. Unfortunately, most readers will judge the quality of your brand based on its ability to use proper grammar. By taking just a few minutes to carefully proofread a post – not just for spelling mistakes but also the misuse of words and phrases – you’ll increase the overall professionalism of your content, reduce bounce rates and improve user reception.

Let us know which one of these tips helped you the most in the comments below!

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