The Big Tricks to Video Marketing Explained

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One of the most influential forms of marketing across every demographic is video marketing. With an ability to easily reach and be digested on virtually every type of consumer device, the explosive growth in this practice shouldn’t be surprising to anybody. From desktop and laptops to phones and tablets, streaming content makes more complex ideas easier to understand for a wide variety of audiences.

Coupled with the fact that it is easier than ever for brands of all sizes to create video marketing content, and there’s little reason not to consider investing in this marketing format. Today, let’s examine some of the big tricks video marketers use to make content and ensure strong performances in target markets.

Identify Audience Weak Spots

To make the very best videos for marketing, one must first determine what areas of influence exist within their target demographic. This requires research: uncovering what vulnerabilities and weaknesses individuals have, where their desires lie and what motivates them to click, watch, buy or otherwise act. Market research can shed greater light into this subject – and hopefully, this research can improve not just video marketing efforts, but marketing efforts as a whole (which makes this task absolutely worth it).

Script, Script, Script

Building an effective template and script format for your videos is essential to long-term performance and efficiency. One of the biggest struggles for brands new to video marketing is to determine exactly how their content should be structured. If you’re throwing random topics in an inefficient order at audiences, then you’re likely just pinging noise at them.

While various videos can have different ordering and formats specifically, developing a modular scripting process can save copious amounts of time in production and editing. The end result? Your content will not only be optimized for consumer engagement, but you can put together more videos in the same amount of time.

Integration with Other Efforts

Video marketing by itself is not a valid effort. In other words, simply posting organic video uploads to social media isn’t likely to generate the level of engagement you’d like to see relative to the effort it takes to make them. As such, integrating video marketing into other forms of marketing is essential.

One common format is PPC marketing: by integrating videos into your campaigns via platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you can boost not only the engagement your videos receive, but that of your paid ad campaigns as well.

Email marketing is another channel through which video marketing can be effective. Through the use of email round-ups and the like, you can seamlessly integrate links to select videos for maximum effect (after all, not everybody wants to read!).

Measure Results

Last but not least, measuring the outcome of each video marketing campaign is the only way to determine whether your craft is improving – or generating any tangible results at all. You cannot be sure that you’re not just pinging noise at audiences if you’re not collecting and inspecting analytics, so be sure to utilize a combination of integrated analytics within each platform used and stand-alone solutions (where applicable).

In the end, much of what determines video marketing success comes down to planning, format, integration and analysis. If you follow these four tips, you can simply each part of the video marketing process and generate better results for your brand or business.

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