How to Ensure SEO Clients Are Kept in the Loop

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Building a robust search engine optimization presence for your own brand can be a difficult, hair-pulling experience. Now imagine steering these endeavors for multiple brands and businesses!

SEO firms and managers responsible for the digital trajectories of multiple brands have a lot on their plates, and it isn’t all directly related to the technical tasks of the art. Much of the process involves communicating and relaying information to clients: after all, a lack of communication can cause confusion, poor performance and even a loss of said clients.

As such, we’ll be taking a look at some tips any SEO manager or firm can utilize to ensure clients are being kept in the loop with any related project.

Regularly Discuss Goals

In an unprecedentedly dynamic era for SEO, even a year can feel like a lifetime. With new and emerging tactics seemingly arriving every day, there often has to be a change of course in strategy. Likewise, businesses have to react to changing economic landscapes and may need to re-evaluate their goals.

Ultimately, SEO managers should be sitting down with clients at least once per quarter to review and re-evaluate goals and strategies. In some cases, the SEO manager will need to explain why small tweaks or pivots in certain tactics have to be made; in others, businesses and brands may need to convey a shift in what, who and how they wish to target. These discussions are absolutely vital.

Disseminate Results Frequently

There is some fear among SEO firms and managers about regularly sending updates and data to clients, as mild fluctuations in performance can be expected over time. Fearing overreaction by clients to a less than stellar month, many firms purposefully withhold data or only try to release it whenever the metrics are favorable.

Consistent communication with clients can alleviate these fears, and regular updates on performance – with any needed explanations for variances relative to expectations – should be a given. Rather than only showing clients data whenever their websites are pinging search engines and SERPs favorably, be honest and forthright while providing common-sense explanations.

Proactively Explain

As we’ve already mentioned, constant communication – especially for more complex or unusual topics – is essential. However, rather than waiting for a particular moment in which a client may become concerned, be proactive in outlining expectations, potential changes and complicated aspects of SEO on a regular basis.

This not only can help ensure goals are agreed upon and clients websites will be pinging search engines in line with client desires, but it can even reduce loss of clients over time. After all, many clients may not understand why they’re paying for one particular service or another – and if clear answers cannot be given, they may decide to look elsewhere for services.

Ultimately, SEO managers and firms should strive for consistent engagement with clients. With all of the above benefits, there’s little reason not to keep clients in the loop in order to maximize profitability and outcomes for both sides!

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