The Benefits of Selling on Amazon

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Online store-fronts and e-commerce hubs have plenty of obstacles to overcome in building successful and reliable consumer bases. When factoring in the need for attention and exposure, most new stores initially fail at attracting the prerequisite number of customers to justify operations. This is why elements such as SEO and content creation are so valuable to online store-fronts.

Nevertheless, there are some ways that brands can circumvent the challenges that pop up during the beginnings of building an online e-commerce empire. One of the most effective ways to reach new customers without tons of work is Amazon. Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits that brands can enjoy by moonlighting on Amazon.

Instant Global Visibility

Arguably the number one benefit to selling on Amazon is the massive audience you’ll suddenly be reaching. Whether you are selling well-known manufactured products or your own line of goods, there are ways to easily setup on Amazon and be visible to untold millions of people. For brands that rely on small search engine niches, the shift can be immense in terms of traffic and sales. When done properly, Amazon can take any brand from 0 to 60 in no time at all. By pinging links to your products that include good descriptions, plenty of photos and competitive prices, you’ll be able to capture a ton of potential business practically overnight.

Easy Fulfillment

Another amazing benefit that Amazon offers online stores is the option for orders to be fulfilled via one of their fulfillment centers. You can sign up with Amazon to have your products shipped to one of their locations, at which point any orders placed for those products will be handled and shipped by Amazon instead of you. While this does add a bit of additional cost, it is a perfect solution for stores that sell larger numbers of products and would like to simplify their shipping solutions.

Added Trustworthiness

Especially useful for newer stores, the reputation of Amazon helps make it easier to move products. While your stand-alone store may look good and be legitimate, many shoppers may be initially hesitant to purchase from you without a large number of customer reviews and testimonials. When selling via Amazon, however, you automatically have more credibility as the customer usually believes they are buying from Amazon rather than a third-party.

Customers also feel more at home when shopping with Amazon because of the guarantees that are provided with respect to shipping and any returns/disputes. If your online store could use a boost in sales, then picking Amazon to level the credibility playing field is a must.

Better Reach in Search

Whether you’re offering products that can’t be found elsewhere or your online store hasn’t saturated search results yet, Amazon can be your ticket to success. When you optimize product listings to take advantage of key niches in search, you’ll rise the ranks with an Amazon listing far faster than as a stand-alone store. As you’re pinging links on the front page of search, you’ll also be subtly promoting your brand to those who visit your Amazon listing – which can drive additional traffic to your website as well.

With a variety of benefits to selling on Amazon, even well-established online stores may wish to take advantage of it. Whether it’s instant recognition and credibility or automatic fulfillment, Amazon can give online stores plenty of reasons to sell via their services.

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