The Best Strategies for Promoting Your Blog

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Anybody who has started a new blog understands just how overwhelming the process can feel. While it may seem simple enough to begin creating content for the masses, getting that content in front of audiences still proves to be a challenging ordeal. Without a steady stream of visitors and readers, it can sometimes feel futile to continue producing top-notch content for your blog.

Blog promotion is undoubtedly among the most important elements you must be doing to ensure long-term success. Thankfully, there are many strategies and tactics available – each of which offers various advantages and disadvantages – to get your posts and content in front of the right eyes.

Today, let’s look at the best strategies currently available for promoting your blog to relevant audiences.

Embrace Social Media Ads

For new blogs that are struggling to generate reliable audiences, getting the most attention in the least amount of time is an appealing strategy. Arguably, there is no quicker way to generate attention for your blog posts than through social media advertising. On platforms such as Facebook, you can generate copious amounts of traffic for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, making it very appealing to those who are currently pinging links and posts without much benefit.

Retarget Your Existing Audience

Even if your blog is relatively new and without many visitors, subscribers or followers, you shouldn’t neglect those who have demonstrated prior interest. The act of retargeting previous visitors is a crucial component of any blog’s long-term success, and involves reaching out across multiple platforms. This includes targeting previous visitors and fans on social media, using email lists to remind subscribers about your content, and running search engine ads targeting those who have visited your site in the past.

Focus on Shareable Content

Ultimately, traffic these days on many platforms is driven by the share-ability or virality of the content in question. For those looking to boost their blog posts on social media, via email or in search results, finding ways to increase its share-ability is crucial.

Some ways to do this include using personal anecdotes and appeals to emotion, including images and videos, and ensuring your content is as unique as possible. By following these guidelines, it becomes much more likely that your content will be shared by those who find it, increasing its visibility overall.

Target Influencers

Last but not least, new blogs have to find out who is most influential within their various niches. The reason is simple: these influencers can single-handedly drive a ton of traffic to your posts and pages if they so choose.

In many cases, pinging links at them without a meaningful explanation of the content will get you nowhere. However, those who craft unique and highly-detailed pieces of content can convince influencers to link back to those posts, driving more traffic in the process. Using content roundups that feature the influencers’ content offerings on occasion also doesn’t hurt when it comes to persuasion.

Blog promotion takes time and dedication, but it is perfectly possible when you have the will to succeed. The four tips above can all help boost visibility and give your blog a fighting chance, so be sure to embrace these concepts for any and all future efforts.

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