The Reasons Why Your Blog Should Create Podcasts and Videos

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Video CameraContent creation in 2015 can be frustrating and time-consuming. In order to please audiences, content continuously has to be made better and more intricate, due to the competition other content creators bring to the table. In addition, search engines continue to become pickier with respect to which forms of content are likely to be featured in search engine results. All of this can leave simple bloggers fuming at the thought of having to continuously reinvent the wheel. Two fairly established yet in-demand forms of content – podcasts and videos – are making comebacks in the world of content creation. To see why you should be creating these forms of media, continue reading.

Your Original Ideas Are Better Protected

With so much content spinning and duplication on the web today, it’s no wonder that bloggers are constantly having to find new outlets through which to express themselves. While pinging search engines with unique content can help prevent theft in the most egregious of situations, your ideas are still prone to easy theft when written in base form. Content scalpers will be far less likely to take your ideas and spin them as their own when the substance is comprised in a podcast or video. This makes quickly spinning the content much harder, ensuring that your original ideas remain yours for much longer.

Search Engines Love Them

The competition for standard blog content is fierce on Google and beyond. With so much of it out there, you must do a really good job at standing out in order to be seen – let alone ranked well by search engines. Because video and podcasts require a bit more effort, there is less competition in most niches. This means that ranking well in video searches will be much easier for your brand overall. In addition, there is evidence that a well-received video is far more likely to appear in a standard set of Google search results than a well-received piece of written content. Because of these reasons, it only makes sense to spend a few extra minutes on the creation of each piece of content by putting it into an audio or video format. This will ensure that more content from your blog is pinging search engines more effectively.

Your Audience Will Appreciate It

In a world in which an increasing amount of web traffic originates through mobile devices, people on the go expect to be able to absorb content in more effective ways. Nobody can read your blog post while commuting to work, but he or she can listen to it in podcast form this way. Likewise, video content performs much better on mobile devices and via social media than traditional blog posts. Shared content in video form via Facebook, Twitter and beyond will be more likely to be seen when users are scrolling through their status feeds. Thanks to features such as auto-play, it becomes very easy to pique users’ interests with a very compelling first few seconds of a video. Even on desktop devices, it is simply much easier to absorb a greater amount of information via video or podcast in a shorter period of time. Your audience may enjoy blog posts, but be sure to mix things up with these formats every now and then.

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