Social Media Marketing Efforts That Truly Pay Off

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Social media has proven to the biggest digital marketing revolution for brands in years, offering unfettered access to audiences of billions around the world. With a sophisticated array of targeting functions available on most platforms, brands can easily filter out consumers and focus on ideal audiences. This has made social media PPC advertising one of the most effective forms of paid marketing for many brands.

However, just any random social media marketing effort won’t necessarily pay dividends. Knowing your audience – and what tactics specifically have high conversion rates – can make the difference between wasted budgets and maximum ROI. Let’s look at a few social media marketing efforts that generally reward brands handsomely.

Utilize Facebook Ads

By far the biggest social media platform, Facebook allows users to easily access hundreds of millions of daily users. This makes it by far the best marketing platform from a sheer numbers standpoint. By taking advantage of Facebook Ads specifically, brands deploy ads that result in millions of users pinging websites across all niches and industries on a daily basis.

Facebook Ads also offer customization to an extent that allows brands to create a complete sales funnel, guiding the user from start to finish. Whether you’re targeting a user in the early stages who is trying to make up their mind or somebody who is ready to buy, Facebook Ads offers options to improve conversion rates.

Tell a Story

One of the most effective forms of marketing revolves around telling story. Brands often forget that social media is designed to be, well, social: interacting with your audience and creating a human connection is essential. As such, social media marketing efforts that tell a story about the brand, product or service often generate more visibility and better engagement rates. Before you make your brand’s next post on social media, consider whether or not you can incorporate a story – even a short one – into it.

Use Livestreams

Connecting with the public in less informal settings can sometimes further humanize your brand, help create more spontaneous interactions and allow for content marketing that doesn’t require professional editing and planning. Planning and announcing livestreams for your brand can be a sure-fire way to generate organic and paid traffic both during and after the event. Especially effective when combined with giveaways and other ideas that encourage audience engagement, a livestream is an easy way to create video content for marketing purposes (and video content tends to produce more engagement than other forms).

Involve the Audience

As mentioned prior, social media is all about the social elements of communication. If you can find ways to involve your audience in various marketing strategies, their reach and effectiveness will increase exponentially.

From contests and recognition of individual followers to sharing customer stories and explicit requests for members to share, a variety of calls to action and interactive settings can ensure your audience is more proactive in engaging with, sharing, and otherwise following the lead of your marketing efforts on social media. Whether you want users pinging your website and products or sharing your latest content with friends, involving the audience is a guaranteed way to accomplish this.

Factors such as humanizing your brand through storytelling, engaging your audience by involving them, using livestreams and making the most of integrated social media PPC marketing options all have proven track records of improving marketing performance. With these tips – plus a few others you’ve likely picked up along the way – you can definitely elevate the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts and form the basis for a highly effective strategy.

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