Improve Your Holiday Email Marketing with These Simple Tips

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As the holiday season kicks into full swing, cultivating the right marketing strategies for each channel and medium should be on the mind of every brand. Established brands in particular have many forms of marketing to consider, ranging from organic forms of exposure on social media and search engines to paid advertising campaigns.

Another benefit that established brands can utilize is their vast list of email addresses. Collected from customers and subscribers, email marketing can be one of the most efficient forms of marketing during the holidays. Since these individuals have already demonstrated prior interest, pitching to them yields better results.

In the spirit of the season, let’s look at a few tips that can bolster the effectiveness of your holiday email marketing.

Simplify Your Narrative

Given all the virtual noise emitted by countless brands during the holidays, it’s important that each email campaign be focused on specifics. When sending out emails that try to address multiple points, product categories and/or stories, the appeal of the message can get lost. After all, your subscribers will be getting pelted with messages throughout the holiday season.

As such, build each email around a simple premise: focus on one narrative for each email sent. This does not mean that you can only focus on one product or service, but rather, that there should be a concrete and common thread tying everything together. By pinging servers with emails that offer a consistent narrative, you’ll find that higher CTRs and conversion rates will be achieved.

Increase Mailing Frequency

As the years have progressed, so has the amount of email people receive on a daily basis. During the holidays, however, this escalates to an entirely new level. Many of your subscribers will understand that more promotional emails are sent during the holidays; it’s generally understood that you will not be the victim of higher unsubscribe rates if you send more emails during this time.

If you are emailing your subscribers once per week throughout most of the year, feel free to increase this to twice per week during the holidays. At the end of the day, this tactic is almost necessary, as other retailers and brands will be increasing their mailing frequency as well. The end result of boosting your mailing frequency is – at minimum – a guarantee that your emails will remain as equally visible throughout the holiday season as they are throughout the rest of the year.

Capture More Subscribers

Making the most of your email marketing during the holidays doesn’t just revolve around extracting value from your existing lists. You can also use this as an opportunity to further grow your list via new subscribers. Given that many shoppers are looking for updates on the hottest deals, brands that sell products can run specific marketing campaigns designed to attract new subscribers; this is most commonly done through social media and search engine PPC ad campaigns.

Since many brands see more sales and traffic during the holidays than at any other point of the year, turning down the opportunity to capture more subscribers would be negligent. As such, convert those visitors who are pinging servers for great holiday deals into loyal and permanent members of your mailing list.

Acting quickly to capture value this holiday season requires a multi-pronged approach, but many brands will find their mailing lists to be particularly valuable during this shopping season. Through capturing additional subscribers, increasing mailing frequency and simplifying the narrative of each email sent, you can boost the number of people opening your emails, clicking on links and/or purchasing products this holiday season.

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