Simple Ways to Leverage Images for Building Links

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Stacked StonesSearch engines love to see blogs and websites that have plenty of backlinks and footprints around the web. While not every link will produce great results, the reality is that most organic mentions and links will help search engines more accurately classify your website, understand its popularity, and therefore boost rankings in search results. There are dozens of different methods for building links, but the use of images may very well be the least-tapped method out there. We’ll review some simple ways that you can begin building links with your custom graphics or images starting today.

Share Your Images with Others

There are plenty of relevant blogs or websites out there that are writing about subjects you may be covering. If you are creating custom images or graphics that relate to this subject and that are of high quality, then it never hurts to contact related bloggers and influencers around the web. Why is this a good idea? By offering them the chance to use your images in their posts and pages, you can earn valuable backlinks that will help build your SEO influence and increase traffic. More sites pinging links back to you means better performance in search. At the end of the day, this is what building links is all about.

Produce Quality Infographics

The web just cannot get enough of infographics. In today’s information-saturated world, people want to be able to absorb large amounts of information in a short amount of time. Infographics make this feat totally possible, and are big hits with both visitors and other bloggers. If you create something that is relevant to a site’s interests and they see it, they are almost certainly bound to retweet, repost or otherwise share with their audiences. This will create a ripple effect in which your image is widely circulated, ensuring that more bloggers and influencers see your content (with each one being a potential chance at a new backlink from their websites and blogs).

Use Reverse Search

If you have already been creating quality images and graphics, then there may be potential links floating around on the web that you haven’t discovered. Through the use of Google Images or another comparable entity, try performing a reverse image search for various quality graphics and images you have uploaded. You may find out that other people are using your images without a citation. While some brands get upset and demand the removal of the images, you can instead use this as an opportunity to politely request that the websites begin pinging links and credit back to your website.

Be Humorous

Everybody loves a good laugh. Fortunately, it has never been easier to use images and graphics to create humorous content in the form of memes or GIFs that can spread like wildfire. If you being producing this type of content, you can circulate it through a variety of mediums – your blog or website, social media, image resources, and so forth. Be sure to brand the image, and use the advice above to occasionally reverse image search and see if new, potential links have appeared.

Images and graphics in general present so many opportunities for building links. The nature of the web is moving rapidly toward multimedia, so you’ll definitely want to consider this as part of your broader link building strategy. What other link building strategies are you currently using? Let us know below in the comments.

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