Three Great Tips for Building Content That Converts

Origami FiguresContent creation serves many important purposes in today’s world of online brands. It is used to attract visitors and customers, build reputations, please search engines via SEO efforts and market products/services to those who read it. Your content creation and marketing strategies are most likely multi-faceted and target a wide variety of opinions and angles. Many people use content to create opportunities for conversions, but not all content automatically provides such benefit. Today, we’ll discuss three great tips that you can use to build better content that helps make more conversions a reality.

Always Produce Relevant Content

Various brands and businesses may have a variety of angles, products or services that are covered, offered or addressed. This can lead to varying levels of success for each niche or topic covered; some pages and pieces of content will do well, while others will not. Ultimately, brands must be aware of the intricacies of each sub-segment of their audience, and produce content that resonates well with them. In some cases, a broader yet specific type of content can motivate and inspire all segments of an audience to engage, while other cases may require various “flavours” of content when it comes to pinging users from different walks of life. By studying previously collected metrics for each piece of content (social media engagement figures, Google Analytics data, email open rates, etc.), you can figure out how exactly to address each segment of your audience.

Make It Easy for the Reader

All too many brands fall short in the content department when it comes to providing an easy way in which to convert. Yes, the average human is intelligent enough to connect the dots and figure out that the product or service you’re promoting is available for sale somewhere on your website, but why not make a direct pitch that includes a link to it? Likewise, if you truly want your readers to subscribe to your mailing list, doesn’t it make sense to include a call to action and subscription form in the content itself? All too many people make the novice mistake of assuming that readers will make the effort on their own: you should strive to reduce the amount of clicks, searches or pages that anyone needs to look at or perform in order to successfully convert.

Use Multimedia

Conversions are most likely to occur when you are able to truly capture the attention of readers and visitors. The average attention span of reader on the web is rather short. This is in part why multimedia content marketing has become such a huge concept in recent years. As more and more devices can handle these forms of content, brands have resorted to including elements such as introduction videos, interactive tutorials and a variety of other high-end forms of content to facilitate conversions. By pinging users with these eye-catching elements, you can increase conversions fast.

Everybody has conversion success and horror stories. What are some problems you’ve ran into with conversions, and where have you excelled? Let us know below and help others improve their game!

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