The Best Online Tools for Mobile Bloggers

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Online ToolboxIn this day and age, millions of people blog or write for a living. It comes as no surprise that as we spend more time on the web as a society, the demand for online content continues to grow. Whether you are an upstart blogger, a freelancer or employed by a firm, there is likely a chance that mobile blogging tools will be necessary at some point or another. One of the biggest freedoms of working in the field of content creation is the ability to travel and explore the world, so you want to be sure that you can access your occupation from anywhere. Below, we will discuss the best online tools for mobile bloggers and how each one can assist you when on the road.


Often under-appreciated by some in the world of blogging, Tumblr is a hotbed for images and creative content that can often be used by bloggers who want to elicit emotion and imagery. Bloggers who have discovered its value can use the mobile application to publish to their micro-blogs from anywhere in the world and share its contents by pinging your blog with its uploads. Many bloggers use Tumblr as a way to preview upcoming content and generate buzz for its release. The ease of use provided by Tumblr is astounding, as you can upload, edit and post content in just a minute or two.


Popular the world over as a common content management system, millions of bloggers use WordPress to maintain their blogs and websites. WordPress Mobile is a great and versatile way to manage these functions from anywhere. Users will be able to create posts, upload photos, edit pages and interact with comments from their smartphones or gadgets at any time. The best thing about WordPress – besides its all around excellent performance as a blogging and website tool – is the fact that it can be used on virtually any device – tablets, laptops, mobile phones and desktop computers all work seamlessly with it.


Any blogger who uses podcasts will appreciate CinchCast, which allows users to create podcasts from their mobile devices and share them as needed. This software includes a variety of functionality, such as the option to allow listeners and participants to call in to your podcast or show and be a part of the recording. In addition to podcast capabilities, CinchCast also offers users the ability to edit and tweak their recordings from within its interface. Anyone who is on the road and needs to get in touch with a client or the firm can also use CinchCast as a conference tool and connect with an unlimited number of people at once.


If your blogging requires great content but you are not preoccupied with needing total versatility of its design, then SquareSpace is an affordable, intuitive and mobile-friendly solution. You can start pinging your blog to search engines in no time at all, and content of all types – text, photos, blog posts and comments – can be uploaded via the application, through text or through email. With plans starting at $12 per month, users may find that the streamlined solutions offered by SquareSpace are vital for mobile blogging and content management.

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