Give Your Website a Personal Feel with These Tips

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With the internet being packed with more content than ever before, finding a way to stand out and above the competition is essential. At the tip of anybody’s fingertips is a plethora of websites, businesses and brands that provide products, services and experiences they so desire. This can make it quite difficult to compete with others and truly make a name for yourself.

Many brands, businesses and blogs have discovered that adding personal touches to their websites can go a long way toward building captive audiences. If your website feels cold, generic or otherwise could use some tweaking, then keep reading to find out how to give your website a more personal touch.

Be a Storyteller

One of the most effective ways to give your website a personal feel is to tell a story. Through creative writing, blogging and personal story-sharing, anybody can immediately begin pinging users with content that resonates on an emotional level. This is by far one of the most effective ways to provide any piece of content or website with a personal touch. When done properly, this can resonate in ways that increase engagement, shares and conversions alike. Ultimately, telling a story is at the core of the human experience and helps people to connect with the entity sharing the story. It works for individuals and brands alike, so be sure to utilize this strategy as often as possible.

Incorporate Yourself via Media

Most bloggers and brands know that content needs a variety of media forms to be successful. From carefully-written blog posts to photos and videos, providing readers with a multimedia experience helps to break the monotony of text and increases the appeal of content. What can really augment this effect is to include yourself in these elements. Whether you’re sharing photos of a recent vacation that are relevant to the blog post or sharing your thoughts on the subject via an embedded video, adding yourself in visual form to each page and piece of content can help cultivate a more personalized feel on your website.

Create a Culture of Engagement

Many brands and blogs focus on blasting a message to their audiences. While this is an important – and potentially effective – way to communicate, websites that want a personal feel need to try harder. Namely, it’s essential to be pinging users with opportunities to engage with the brand as a whole. By cultivating a culture of interaction, you’ll not only be able to get your own personal messages and feelings out there, but you’ll also make individual visitors feel as if they’re personally involved. From encouraging comments on blog posts to holding interactive contests for prizes and recognition, there are hundreds of ways to boost the amount of engagement with your brand.

With so many brands out there competing for the same people, finding new ways to connect is essential. By encouraging engagement, featuring yourself in multiple forms of content and telling stories on a personal level, you can create a more personalized feel for your website or blog. With this information in hand, you can begin crafting a broader plan to generate more personal appeal for your brand.

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