Five Tips for Creating Clickable Titles

Developing web content requires plenty of thought and awareness about what it is your visitor’s want. High quality content can increase the amount of traffic on your website, help you with your Google rankings, and help to set you apart as an “expert” in the field. With that said, you first need to get visitors to your site, which requires highly-clickable titles. A clickable title is a title that is so intriguing and interesting that people can’t help but to click through and follow the link to your site.

If you feel like you’re creating stellar content and you’re still not getting the traffic results you are after, it could be that your titles aren’t hitting the mark. So, here’s a look at five tips that will help you create clickable titles and thereby increase your website traffic.

Stick to One Topic or Idea at a Time

One mistake that people can make is trying to pack too much into a title. The end result can be quite confusing and the reader may not understand what the content is about. If they can’t understand it, they certainly aren’t going to click on it. Titles need to be clear, to the point, short, and stick to one topic or idea. If you have multiple ideas you want to talk about, then it’s probably best to break it up into separate blogs so you can have separate titles that go with each topic.

Be Aware of the Maximum Character Count

Along the lines of short and sweet, experts suggest that the perfect amount of words for a title is six. When it comes to the search results, the results will be cut off once you reach 65 characters. This will help you gauge what is most important and what to include in the title.

Be Aware of the Tone You Are Using in Your Language

Tone is a very important aspect when it comes to web content, but it’s not always something people think about when they write the content. The tone is set through the language you use and it should reflect not just the website and your brand as a whole, but also match up with the attitude of your clients/readers. You can create a light, fun, and humorous tone, or you can create a more serious tone.

Write Out a Few Titles Before Choosing the Best One

It’s also a good idea to write out a few different titles before you pick the “winner”. A title shouldn’t just be a quick afterthought, rather it should take time to put together and generate. By creating a few options, you can try each one out and decide how intriguing it is and how well it represents the story.

A Few Must-Include Tips

To help you even further, there are some tips when it comes to the types of words you use. Things to include are numbers, negative words (no, stop, and without), intriguing adjectives (essential, unique, strange, fun), and find a way to personalise it.

All of these tips will help you to create clickable titles that get you more page views.

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