The Biggest Must-Have Optimizations for Every Product Listing

When selling products online, it’s important to pay attention to the details. Small changes, omission or additions can make or break your plans in terms of improving ROI, selling a larger number of products or even increasing unit prices. Ultimately, you need to think like your customers do and anticipate all of their concerns, desires and questions ahead of schedule. If you manage to please both shoppers and search engines alike, the sky truly is the limit for potential future growth. Today, we’ll talk about the biggest must-have optimizations your product listings need in order to convert as many people into customers as possible.

Plenty of Product Images

Even for the simplest of products, featuring clear photos and multimedia of the products in action is vital. Some people may feel as if a two-dimensional product only needs one or two photos, but you can never overdo it in this regard. By featuring as many photos from as many angles as possible, you’re helping shoppers to visualize and absorb the essence of the product. This fundamentally improves the likelihood of them making a purchase then and there.

Customer Reviews

Vast majorities of online shoppers admit to scouring reviews before making any purchase. In the case of your products, it is absolutely crucial that you provide as much customer feedback and testimonials as possible. Every product page should include comments and reviews from those who have already purchased and used the product. Even in cases where you’re not the only one selling a particular product, consider featuring reviews and testimonials from other brands and websites if you have none of your own. By pinging search engines and visitors alike with another form of content, you’re reassuring both that you’re a trustworthy, legitimate commercial entity.

Plenty of Text-based Descriptions

Some people like to read. Others prefer to watch videos. Despite this difference in learning about new products, every product listing should strive to include at least a couple hundred words about the product, its features, benefits and specifications. Not only will this resonate well with those who prefer reading about products before purchasing, but it will also help flesh out your pages with content – something that search engines love. Considering that e-commerce websites are often among the most sparse in terms of word count, this optimization kills two birds with one stone.

Quick and Easy Purchase Options

One of the biggest reasons why those who are on the fence about purchasing ultimately decide to wait to another day is because of logistics. If a prospective customer starts by pinging search engines for relevant products, they want to find what they need quickly. If they come to your site, only to uncover that they need to register, fill out a bunch of information, or do something else, this can drastically reduce how many purchases are made. By providing easy checkout options, no-registration checkout solutions, and accepting widely-accepted payment solutions such as PayPal, you can give the customer a much more streamlined purchasing experience.

E-commerce websites struggle with SEO and content optimization for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, they must strive to deliver good content and produce a sophisticated marketing experience. By optimizing these elements on every product page, you can help improve both of these elements and generate more sales in the process.

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