Must-Do Tweaks for Better Mobile Conversion Rates

Recently, we’ve spent some time discussing how important conversions are to brand success. In addition to that, we’ve also outlined how to improve conversion rates in general, whether the goal is to increase sales, boost subscriptions or simply earn more clicks for a desired action. Ultimately, most brands exist to convince or encourage visitors to accomplish or engage with a specific task.

However, it’s sometimes important to understand the difference in browsing habits and how that can impact the conversion process. Mobile users are now the largest share of internet users – and if you’re not appealing to them, then you’re missing out on vital opportunities.

Today, we’ll take a look at how you can improve mobile conversion rates specifically.

Focus on Site Speed

Users browsing the internet with mobile devices are often at disadvantage when it comes to one major thing: speed. Slower connections mean websites take longer in general to load when not on a Wi-Fi connection. This dynamic means that users tend to have little patience for websites that load more slowly than others. To boost the rate of mobile conversions, a huge focus on improving the speed of your site itself is required. By maximizing everything you can on your end, you’ll avoid losing clicks, engagements and purchases to other competitors with optimized mobile browsing experiences.

Utilize Videos

It is well-known that mobile users generally prefer video content to written content. Due to the inherent nature of mobile devices, pinging servers with walls of text will put you at a disadvantage. Whether you are directing users to a landing page or merely accommodating them from a search engine link, providing videos that summarize information, list benefits or otherwise convey details can help improve user retention and engagement.

Offer Simple Payment Options

Especially important for websites that sell products, ensuring a seamless experience for mobile users is critical for generating the best conversion rates possible. For many mobile versions of a website, providing a one-click payment experience can make the difference between a definitive purchase and an abandoned cart.

Additionally, offering options for users to instantly select one of many common payment options (such as PayPal or Google) can further speed up the process and guarantee you don’t lose the visitor to a competitor.

Implement Responsive Design

Easily one of the most necessary aspects in appealing to mobile users from any background is the need for mobile responsive design. If your website and its pages are pinging servers without a mobile responsive design, not only are search engines penalizing your visibility, but you’re also turning off many of those who land on your website.

Poor formatting that isn’t conducive for a mobile browsing experience leads to higher bounce rates and less engagement. This can be particularly harmful to any engagement or desired action you want users to conduct. As such, implementing responsive design can dramatically boost conversions.

All in all, boosting conversions among mobile audiences isn’t too difficult. By focusing on site speed, responsive design, easy payment options and using videos, you can generate a huge difference.

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