Conversion Rates Matter – Here’s How to Boost Them

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Analytics LaptopMany marketing strategies and campaigns operate with one major goal in mind: to boost the number of people subscribing, purchasing, signing up or otherwise engaging with a brand. This can be a complex yet straightforward goal. However you may strive to generate leads and interest in your brand, the end result – conversions – is where all of that effort either fails or pays off. Because of this, boosting your overall conversion rates should be a top priority. Below, we’ll review some simple strategies that can help you improve in this regard and generate the type of revenue, reach or reputation that you deserve.

Be Concise

We can sometimes provide too much context or clarification in our efforts to persuade. Other times, we might make critical efforts that aren’t evident at first guess. When it comes to boosting conversion rates, be sure to always re-review any efforts and make each pitch as simple as possible. Less is more in many cases, so it makes sense to re-evaluate more lengthy explanations at times. Additionally, this period of review will help you catch anything that might have not seemed out-of-place at the time of writing. The last thing you want to be doing is pinging your website with too much information or faulty content.

A/B Test

Whether you’re running paid ads or trying organic marketing strategies, how can you be sure that you’re using the best approach if you have not tested it? A/B testing is very simple: by running multiple variations – whether they be paid ads, landing pages, email pitches, or something entirely different – you can see which ones garner the most engagement. With this information in hand and a replication of the process across multiple efforts, you’ll begin to notice a pattern. This will help you to construct better marketing strategies that increase overall conversion rates in the long-run.

Analyze Your Analytics

Any effort involving conversions should be monitored through in-house analytics or metrics solutions. From the number of clicks to the bounce rate on each page, you need to have this information ready at a moment’s notice. By collecting information – whether it be through heat-maps, clicks, subscriptions or rejections – you can build a better picture of why people are converting (and more importantly, why they are not converting). Analytics are only as useful as you make them out to be: information that is collected but not analyzed does nobody any good!

Simplify Your Focus

You may have several different projects regarding conversions going on at any given time. Unfortunately, all too many people make the mistake of trying to combine multiple aspects of a marketing effort in one location. When you are reaching out to various segments of your target audience, the need to be focused on one set of benefits or one specific topic is crucial. For instance, landing pages that try to address concerns that multiple subsets of your broader audience may have will often miss the mark. Why? Because the focus of promotion is too thinly spread. By pinging your website with separate conversion efforts that each focus on one purpose, you’ll boost conversion rates among each group that sees each of them.

What tips have you used to boost conversions for your brand? Let us know below what has worked for you.

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