How to Add Videos to Your Shopify Store

Businesses have been moving online in large numbers recently with the number of people spending money on online stores increasing. Regardless of the service or platform a business uses to sell its products, providing a great user experience is a must in such a competitive business environment. Businesses can do this by using images, detailed descriptions, and amazing videos on their shop homepages. Being one of the biggest and most popular ecommerce platforms, we will be looking at how you can add videos to your Shopify store.

Two Ways to Add Videos to Shopify

There are two main ways of adding a video to your Shopify store. The first is by adding a section on your page using the right code, and the next is by using an app. Here is an overview of how to do both.

Adding Videos Using Code – Uploading

To add videos to your Shopify store, you need to upload the video(s) first. Start by signing in to your account and navigating to the settings section. Next, click the “Files” button and the “Upload Files” button on the page that opens. You should already have the video field you would like to upload prepared and preferably in a .mp4 format.

Once the upload completes, you will be provided with a video URL. This is the URL to embed the video, and you should copy it somewhere safe.

Creating a New Section

Now, you need a section where the video will go. Go back to the admin page, go to “Online Store”, and then to “Themes”. Find the theme you are using on your website and click “Actions”. Click “Edit Code” and then in the sections’ directory, click “Add a New Section”. The section should have a memorable name like “Homepage video”.

This is the tricky part. You will need a web developer to write the code for the section for you. You can also find tutorials on how to write the code yourself online. The language used is liquid which is very similar to HTML.

Add the code you get from the developer and save it.

Adding The Section to Your Homepage

Go to the templates directory and click a file called “index.liquid”. To include the section you have created, add this code {% section ‘<section-name>’ %} anywhere you would like to see the video. Remember to replace <section-name> with the actual name selected when creating the section.

Click save and visit the homepage to see your video.

Adding Video Using an App

An app just makes it easier to create the code we have advised you have the developer write for you as well as to place the video in the right place. Each app will have slightly different instructions, but the most important things to remember are what video to upload, where the video will be placed, and the video’s visual appearance.

You can also use inspector apps to know where exactly to add the code produced by the app within your theme.


Adding a video to your Shopify page is not too difficult, especially if you use an app. If you are not comfortable with this option, you can have the developer write the code for you and add it to a section on the relevant page.

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