Avoid These Common Link Building Misconceptions

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Link Building MisconceptionsNobody wants to waste their time in vein when it comes to internet marketing. One of the biggest areas in which people tend to become easily frustrated is link building. Due to a variety of external factors that cannot be easily controlled, many people will abandon this approach and instead focus on technical elements of their websites or paid advertising to boost exposure. While these efforts are certainly needed, link building plays a vital role in any comprehensive internet marketing strategy. Many rumours and misconceptions about link building unfortunately exist, which can be at the root of some of this frustration. In the following article, we will discuss the most common link building misconceptions so that you can focus your efforts where they are needed most.

Link Building Isn’t Important

Many people have begun to parrot the notion that due to paid advertising and social media integration, the age old concept of link building is no longer relevant. This is a blatant falsehood and one that can serious impact your ability to be pinging your blog or website in relevant SERPs. The truth is that link building has never been more important: with so much competition in niches and search engine algorithms that still determine rankings in part based on the number of links you have earned, anyone who abandons the strategy of link building can expect to see their projects suffer over time.

Links Can’t Be Bought

Another falsehood in the world of link building is that links can no longer be bought without extreme penalties from Google and other search engines. While many link building farms have been identified and their tactics blacklisted by search engines, the truth is that paid link building is just as viable as it was several years ago. The difference and key point to realize when building links via a firm or third-party is that you cannot expect to pay a defined sum in exchange for a defined number of links. If you see an advertised offer like this, then you should definitely seek out services elsewhere. Paid link building strategies that do not negatively impact your SEO are still viable and valuable.

Creating Content Isn’t Link Building

What a ridiculous notion! There are many who love to say that content creation and content marketing are not the same as link building nor offer the same benefits. While it may be splitting hairs, the reality is that content creation and marketing is done under the purview of creating demand. As you create demand for something that previously did not exist or requires an additional outlet, you create content and links that did not previously exist.


Anyone who wants to improve their search engine optimization potential will need to avoid the myths associated with link building. If you want to be pinging your blog or website, then link building is a comprehensive and needed aspect of the process. Link building is very important, and there are legitimate services available for those who do not know how to build links themselves. Whether it is through simple content creation or paid services, you can build new links and expand your site’s repertoire.

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