Manage Your Mailing List On the Go with the MailChimp App

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Mailing On the GoFor business owners who use to manage their mailing lists and create and edit campaigns, the MailChimp app, available on both Google Play and the App Store, makes it easier to keep track of every single campaign, create and edit new ones, and make sure your connections with your customer base remain secure. Continue reading to learn more about what this innovative app has to offer.

Access Your MailChimp Account from Anywhere

The great thing about having the MailChimp app is the ability to access your account from anywhere and on any device, whether you prefer to use a tablet when you’re on the go and away from the office or you prefer to use your smartphone to stay connected instead. Having the ability to manage your account even when you aren’t at your desk means that you can create campaigns on the spur of the moment, as soon as inspiration strikes, and you can constantly have access to the analytics that are provided to you regarding previously launched campaigns as well.

Work Online or Offline

With the MailChimp app, you can work both online as well as offline. You can create brand new campaigns to send out to your list of subscribers, save them for later, make edits to them whenever you come up with a great new idea or after you’ve spoken with your partners and determined what changes need to be made, and finalise the campaigns whenever you’re ready. Working with co-workers is also made easy with this app, thanks to the many collaboration tools that are built right in. Then you can send your campaigns out as soon as you want to do so directly through the app as well, so there’s no need to get connected to your computer to do it.

Syncing with Your MailChimp Account

Once you log into your app, the information contained within your online MailChimp account will automatically be synced onto your device, so you can continue working on campaign drafts that you started at your desk or you can create brand new ones with ease.

Previewing Your Work Before Sending It

To make sure every single campaign looks exactly the way that you want it to before you send it off, the MailChimp app even gives you the ability to preview it and see how the desktop version looks, along with the mobile version. This will ensure that every campaign goes out only after you know that it will display perfectly on a variety of devices and computers.

Is It Really Worth Getting?

If you already use MailChimp to manage your email campaigns, the app is definitely a worthwhile addition to your arsenal of business tools because it allows you to do just about everything that you would be able to do on the website right on your mobile device. Staying on top of your posted campaigns while also continually working on new ones to keep your customer base engaged is easier than ever thanks to this app, so giving it a try is highly recommended.

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