Free Solutions for Curating Content to Build Your Audience

Curating ContentWhether you operate a blog or work exclusively through social media, internet marketing and content creation for your brand can be an exhausting process. You may find yourself in a position where several new updates and pieces of content are needed weekly – or even daily, depending – which produces a lot of stress for seemingly little benefit. One way to boost your potential and ease back a bit on working to the bone is by using content curation strategies. In short, content curation takes existing content from other sources, credits them, and then elaborates a bit further on the subject via social media or a blog. If you need a consistent flow of content but don’t have the time, then content curating may be the best solution for you: below, we’ll cover some free solutions to help you get this done.


If you love social media and are in search of a way to curate content in an efficient fashion, then Pinterest may be the single best solution out there. Its design is essentially built for content curators, many of whom have little time to create unique content and would prefer sharing the works of others with like-minded individuals. In just a few minutes, you can create pinboards that showcase a variety of items or pieces of information, and the followers of the network come from virtually every niche on the internet. When it comes to pinging for SEO, pinning to Pinterest may not be the best solution. When it comes to creating steady flows of content, however, it is definitely a prime solution.


Sometimes, all we need is a fresh idea or inspiration in order to create new content, or share content that matches our interests. Feedly is a great solution in the post Google Feeds age, and allows users to quickly configure RSS feeds on their favourite subjects in desktop or mobile variations. You’ll be able to create multiple RSS feeds in one easy to use format and use that to browse through a ton of potential content for curation in no time at all. This free service can also be integrated with all of your social media profiles, making the act of sharing all that much easier.


If you want to take content curation to the next level and help craft customized renditions of the pieces you are sharing, then Storify makes for a great choice. In summary, Storify helps curators and marketers pull information from social media, news feeds, blogs and more, and then assembles all the pertinent information into one easy to read (and share) piece. You can further customize the final product by adding your own details and comments to the content. After you are done, you can easily share it to all of your social media profiles through embedded features, as well as publishing it to your blog or website.


Anyone who is pinging for SEO knows that content is king, but content curation allows users to go above and beyond when their mental juices are exhausted. Through the use of services like Feedly, Storify and Pinterest, you’ll be able to consistently pump out intriguing content via social media and other outlets, and avoid those dreaded dead zones that lead to a loss of fans and viewers.

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