Five Great Places to Find Free Photos for Your Blog Posts

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Blog PhotosWe all strive to make our blogs as creative, vibrant and appealing as possible. Sometimes, we need an extra boost to really spice things up, but it can be frustrating when you do not know where to look for high-quality aesthetics. Many sites charge fees for the use of their photos, while others watermark their images if used for free. Neither of these scenarios may be desirable to you, so the search for quality, free imagery becomes the best route. These five sites offer great access to stock-free photos, giving you the ability to make your website shine without spending a dime.


Offering images for use in both corporate and personal settings, FreeDigitalPhotos boasts an expansive collection of images that cover most major categories. While images are free, there is a small credit in the lower portion of the photo. Fortunately, there are no watermarks or other obstructive elements in each image. They also offer versions of each photo without credits for just $3 per image. You can download the images instantly and there is no requirement to register or join the site.


Definitely one of the most popular photo publishing and sharing sites on the web, Flickr has millions upon millions of images to browse and use. Advanced search options allow you to select photos that can be used without crediting, and you can even search images by color and size. Those who seek to have a consistent color scheme fitted with like images can use these features to find hundreds of suitable choices in just a couple of minutes.

Microsoft Images

If you need a variety of images – whether that be clipart, photos or sketches – Microsoft Images is a great site to use. With easily labeled categories and intuitive search features, you can quickly find an image that is suited for your site. Downloading images and photos is easy, with no registration needed. You can also utilize this same platform through the Microsoft Office suite of software; inserting photos into letters and projects is just as easy as finding them for your blog!


Boasting millions of stock-free photos that can be found using tags and colors, EveryStockPhoto makes finding your perfect image that much simpler. Not only can you search by category, but you can also find images based on specific keywords (Tip: Keyword suggestions for your blog can be obtained through Pingler’s Keyword Suggestion Generator). Each licensed photo has clear instructions on what information must be displayed in conjunction with the photo, giving you a standard way of determining how to credit the owner.


What it lacks in quantity is more than made up for in quality. Stockvault offers nearly 30,000 high-quality images that can be examined in a variety of ways. For starters, those who need access to EXIF data can easily find it displayed alongside each image. You can also rate each photo, giving others an idea of the overall quality. These photos can only be used for personal or non-commercial use, so do keep this in mind when browsing Stockvault.


  1. September 23rd, 2012 18:09

    I normally use flickr for all my blog posts anyway thanks for the nice other free photo resources. I will check them out.


  2. September 25th, 2012 16:39

    Thank you for those resources. I will use them on my web projects. By the way, do you know if those free pics are public domain?


  3. September 25th, 2012 21:57

    Very usefull , i was looking for this


  4. September 27th, 2012 11:01

    Images are very important to websites and blogs. I love to use them a lot. I have been a very regular fan to using freedigitalphotos because of the images they offer without watermarks. However, I usually place a link back to them on my blog as it was stated in their terms which is ok by me. I recently started checking out Flickr. I think I will also make use of Microsoft images as I’m just knowing that for now.
    Thanks for this information.


  5. September 29th, 2012 8:26

    I normally use Microsoft images and sometime Flickr however, most Flickr images are copyrighted. It is safe to still use them?


  6. September 30th, 2012 15:35

    I agree with the first two recommendations. If you are on a tight budget then go for those two first.


  7. December 26th, 2012 9:31

    Awesome article. Thanks for sharing


  8. January 29th, 2013 16:31

    Really useful links.
    Has saved me time while preparing advertising material
    Many thanks!


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