How to Transform Your Online Store Into a Social Media Slayer

When looking at a variety of brands and businesses across the web, standard e-commerce platforms are probably the least inspiring overall. Beyond offering products that a particular niche market will appreciate, it can be difficult to convince others to follow your brand, engage with it and ultimately find value in what you provide. Fortunately, social media allows any brand to incorporate a variety of psychological tricks and strategies into their marketing efforts to produce results. If your e-commerce brand could use more customers and engagement, then continue reading to find out how you can become a social media slayer.

Personalize Your Messages

When posting content and creating ads on social media, you want to be sure to personalize wherever possible. In many instances, you can make this happen by collecting information from your followers proactively. Whether you’re holding a special contest or planning a giveaway, you can convince people to part with their personal information. This not only will increase the chances of them networking with your social media accounts, but it’ll also give you additional ways to contact them in the future about exciting social media content you’re sharing. By pinging networks like Facebook and Twitter with requests for personal information, you’ll be better equipped to conduct outreach to people in the future.

Run Plenty of Ads

Organically, it is very difficult for online store-fronts to make it big on social media alone. Because of this, you’re very likely going to rely on paid marketing strategies to generate attention. Ad campaigns are useful in a variety of areas. Not only can they be used to expand your reach in general, but you can utilize strategies such as retargeting to reach people who have demonstrated prior interest in your brand or comparable products/services. By serving more content to the people who find what you offer interesting, you’ll likewise generate more social signals and engagement.

Cultivate Customer Relations

One great way to improve your marketing strategies on social media is to build meaningful relationships with customers. Through specialized promotions, encouraging testimonials and a proactive customer service policy, you can give many shoppers the incentive to share with their friends and family their experience with your brand. This makes it very easy to earn some organic exposure in ways that would never otherwise occur if you maintained a generic corporate image. By communicating with customers and giving them incentive to talk about you, your store-front will get more mentions, shares and other social signals.

Share “More”

There’s only so much relevant content that an online store-front can expect to share on social media. Because of this, you’re going to need to share more. What does this mean? For starters, it can refer to the quantity and types of content you’re sharing. Most people don’t want to be constantly bombarded with advertisements: find ways to share non-controversial, entertaining and funny stuff with your audience. Sharing “more” also refers to where you’re sharing from: the more influencers and people whose content you share, the more chances you have at persuading them to start pinging networks with your content as well.

Online stores and e-commerce brands have to work twice as hard to generate attention on social media. It’s tough, but you can make it work with a combination of efforts. By using ads, sharing more content from more places, working hard to build good customer service and personalizing your pitch, you’ll reach more people and build a powerful social media presence on any and all platforms.

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