How Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Brand During Times of Crisis

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In a world where social distancing, working from home and even business closures have become the norm, businesses and brands have had to adapt in difficult ways. Even with signs of progress and indications that the world is adapting to a new reality, brands have to prepare for a more permanent shift in how day-to-day operations occur.

From fielding inquiries to handling interviews, much of the day-to-day minutiae of brand management can be done from home. Thankfully, an entire industry of virtual assistants exist that provide meaningful services without the need to be physically present in a specific place or at a specific time.

Whether for today or for future crises, here is how virtual assistants can aid brands during times of upheaval.

Field Inquiries Remotely

In a time where distancing has become the norm, having virtual assistants who can provide help with day-to-day inquiries for your brand is paramount. Whether your hours have changed, the array of products or services available are in flux or people wish to know the status of their orders, it can be difficult to field answers to such inquiries if employees cannot report to work.

While pinging links to updated information via email or social media may be feasible, ensuring that your brand’s presence in the world isn’t compromised is a better approach. As such, virtual assistants can easily fulfill the needs of any brand in terms of inquiries without the individuals ever leaving home.

Interview Prospective Hires

Even if your brand isn’t operating under normal conditions during a crisis, there may still be need to interview and hire either temporary or full-time employees. A wide variety of virtual assistants specialize in various tasks, with some being experienced in the task of interviewing for prospective employers.

By using these services, brands can hire individuals for digital, remote or even in-person assistance without needing to be physically present. Whether it is due to a pandemic or some other crisis, having access to interviewers who can virtually meet with anybody anywhere in the world has its merits.

Manage Administrative Tasks

How many daily tasks does your business or brand need to perform? How many can be done from anywhere? In most cases, the answer is “a lot”. As such, virtual assistants provide an option for businesses facing a crisis to outsource this labor to a qualified individual.

Whether this be organizing scheduling and appointments, performing accounting tasks or simply entering in data, virtual assistants can be trusted to provide quality services in a variety of fields. If your employees cannot come to work or you’re temporarily unavailable to perform administrative tasks, the use of these specialists simply makes sense.

Handle Content and Social Media

Every brand needs a digital presence – even during a crisis. Whether responding to a broader local or national crisis, or simply navigating a personal struggle, virtual assistants can be used to take charge of digital platforms on a temporary or permanent basis.

From writing blog posts to pinging links and posts to users on social media, virtual assistants can handle the day-to-day content needs of brands during any crisis or disaster – all while working from home.

Ultimately, many brands will face a period of crisis. Whether it’s a series of struggles from the current economic climate or a future self-inflicted problem, being prepared is key to overcoming the challenges. Virtual assistants offer a variety of benefits that brands can use when in crisis mode that require no in-person activity or physical interactions, making them ideal in many situations.

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