Understanding the Purpose of Each Social Media Platform

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Social Media PlatformAnyone who operates one or more online ventures knows that social media can play a huge role in driving discussions, conversions and traffic to your website. Just a few years ago, social media was a relatively personal aspect of our lives that did not combine elements of business, marketing and search engine optimization. These days, however, just about anyone – consumers, brands and entrepreneurs alike – can gain something from social media. One of the biggest misconceptions about social media is that there is only a need for one or two platforms. This is false and a prime reason why so many social media campaigns fail. Still, there is an ideal purpose for each social network and how your brand uses it. Below, we will discuss how to get the most out of each one.


Anyone who wants to be pinging YouTube videos, beautiful infographics or photos will appreciate Facebook for its viral effects. Essentially, Facebook is a platform where you will be able to generate buzz and attention through multimedia. Whether you wish to advertise or simply engage a broader group of individuals within your network, you will want to utilize positive messaging in order to convey a sense of trust and mutual understanding. If you use a negative message, it could ultimately backfire due to a perceived slight to some or because of conflicting viewpoints.


The best use of Twitter is one that seeks to promote and yell at the top of your lungs to the world about your brand, business or cause. Most elements of Twitter incorporate various forms of advertising: from paid advertising to the constant references of products and other websites in millions of different tweets, most people on this social network are used to blatant marketing. This can be a great platform through which newer content creators and marketers can hone their skills without a large risk of revenue losses or negative perception.


Those who have an existing Instagram profile or wish to create one will find that the best use of it will be to build an intimate relationship and connections with users of the platform. The communities as a whole on Instagram are smaller and therefore allow brands and businesses to interact with like-minded individuals much easier than on Facebook or Twitter. You can also configure your Instagram account to integrate with Facebook and other social networks, which will let all of your Instagram posts also be submitted to those networks.

Google Plus

The most important benefit of Google Plus is the name recognition and authority that it conveys about your brand, business or reputation. Much like pinging YouTube videos is more likely to gain you exposure via video results, Google Plus activity is more likely to be seen by those who search for similar topics, businesses and brands via traditional search. As time goes on, this trend is only likely to intensify; it makes sense to begin using this social media platform now in order to ensure long-term, quality SERP performance.

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