How Successful Bloggers Make Money Doing What They Love

Getting into the world of blogging is pretty easy. After setting up an online space and planning out your thoughts, all that limits you is your work ethic and patience. Nevertheless, it can be tiresome and stressful to build a successful blog from scratch – especially when you have other obligations in life.

One way that many professional bloggers justify their work is by generating revenue via their blogs. There are many different ways in which to do this, depending on your area of focus and following. Today, let’s examine some of the most effective revenue sources that professional bloggers use to earn part-time and full-time incomes via their blogging efforts.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the simplest ways for blogs to generate revenue is through affiliate marketing. Even if you’re not aware of what this entails, you have undoubtedly seen it in actions. Many blogs casually place links to products sold on Amazon and other websites, sometimes reviewing them and sometimes just recommending them among a list of other items. Whenever somebody clicks on the link and ultimately makes a purchase within a certain time span, the blogger receives a commission. This is a relatively passive form of revenue that might not result in big earnings at first, but can generate recurring revenue over time.

Ad Revenue

Placing overt ads on your blog is one way to generate revenue, but the act of doing so is becoming more difficult. With more ad blocking tools than ever, getting through to people is difficult. There are different ways to go about pinging your website with ads, however.

Many are familiar with programs such as Google AdSense, which display text-based ads on your website. Another, old school option is the selling of banner ads. Harder to block when implemented properly, you can sell dedicated segments of real estate on your website to like-minded brands wishing to gain exposure. There are programs that help connect blogs with clients, making the process easier.

Email Marketing

As you build a list of subscribers and customers, the ability to earn money becomes easier. Simply put, email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing available. It is difficult to get started solely because you must first earn your list of leads, but once in hand, targeting consumers with relevant emails can produce great results.

Whether you’re directly selling products or wanting to bring people back to your website (which can ultimately generate revenue via one of the above methods), email marketing is used by professionals worldwide – because it really works.

Digital Products

Last but not least, blogs with dedicated followings and respect within their niches can cultivate income through digital products and information. While being an expert in your subject area means sharing information with your audience, you don’t necessarily have to disclose all of your secrets (for free).

Whether it be an e-book, a piece of software or something entirely different, why not offer additional, expert advice and assistance through an online store? While pinging your website with a bunch of deals might not be the best strategy when first starting out, established brands can ultimately leverage their relationships into profitable ventures revolving around their expertise.

While there are dozens of ways blogs can be monetized, these options are among the most common methods used by professional bloggers. Whether you’re well-established or just getting started, there’s bound to be at least one of these strategies that can work for you!


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