Boost Your Blog’s Visibility Via Social Media with These Tips

Rocket BoostEvery blogger takes time and energy to write each piece of content they publish. Because of the painstaking labour we put into crafting content for the masses, it can be disappointing to see one or more posts fail to gain traction with our audiences. This can happen for many different reasons, but sometimes, it is merely due to a lack of proper exposure through ideal channels. Social media presences serve as one way to connect with an audience in real time and distribute content that they will find enjoyable. If some of your blog posts are not resonating with your reliable blog visitors, then keep reading to find out what you can do via social media to improve visibility and reception.

Make Your Posts Personal

When it comes to quality content, it’s hard to break through all of the noise on social media. People scrolling through their feeds may pass dozens of blurbs and posts in just a few minutes’ time. The best way to avoid pinging noise at people who may see your posts in their feeds is to make the content personal. This is generally advised for the actual content you’re creating, but many forget to do this for the social media posts that promote them. You can generate a more captive audience and get people to be more engaged with content when it feels personal to them. By tying in a past experience, expressing your concerns or otherwise sharing with people your own thoughts, you’re more likely to get more eyes to stop for a second for read what you’ve actually wrote.

Promote Content Continuously

Another huge mistake that people make when it comes to using social media is that they forget to post regularly. Most social media platforms’ post visibilities have a relatively short half-life. If you’re not promoting your content via advertisements, then it may only show up for most of your audience for just a few hours. In order to ensure that your content’s visibility is maximized, you need to be either proactively posting or scheduling posts to appear every few hours. Sometimes, this may take the form of a simple blurb that is unaccompanied by content. In other cases, it may mean recycling older content and giving it new life. Whatever it takes, you must use social media on a regular basis and post multiple times per day to ensure optimal visibility.

Be Sure to Interact

Every time you reply to a comment or engage with somebody on social media, social signals are generated. Instead of pinging noise via advertisements at people who may or may not be interested, this form of organic interaction can often boost how many people see your posts. As friends of the people with whom you’re engaging begin to see their friends’ comments on your posts, they’ll be drawn in to read, comment and share as well. While this may not always produce massive results, it can be a great way to reach a few new like-minded people and thereby grow your audience in more ways than one.

The key to using social media properly revolves around engagement, activity and personality. Likewise, boosting your blog post visibility on social media uses many of the same components. Tell us below about how else you’ve been boosting your exposure on social media and beyond.

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