Make More Sales by Personalizing Your Brand

Personalize BrandOne of the best examples of the revolutionary prowess that the internet has brought to the world is e-commerce. With the ability to purchase practically anything without leaving the privacy of your own home, additional commerce is facilitated and customers have more competition to consider than ever before. Even though e-commerce has made it possible for shoppers to find everything they want online, the reality for brands is that it creates a less personalized experience for the shopper. This leads to lower levels of brand loyalty and a more difficult time “making the sale”. Below, we’ll talk about how you can increase sales by personalizing your brand to shoppers.

Showcase Your Team

In many brick and mortar establishments, the very first thing a shopper will experience is a greeting from an associate or employee. In an online format and by default, shoppers don’t get this experience. You can help mitigate part of this impersonal dynamic by introducing your team members and employees to the audience. Include a bit of information such as their names and what they do to help shoppers feel a more intimate connection with the store. Whenever somebody makes a purchase, they subconsciously want to connect that transaction and experience with someone who is employed by the business or brand – oblige them.

Connect Via Social Media

Users of social media enjoy the medium because it allows them to connect with family, friends and brands in an informal way. Brands that take advantage of social media for pinging links and boosting their reach tend to perform better in search and with paying customers on-site alike, so it’s a good idea to use this medium whenever possible. Connecting to users via social media also provides a way in which to attach to your brand a human element that may not be appropriate on a static website. By being able to communicate with potential shoppers in a casual format that displays human emotion, you’ll be able to build bonds and increase the likelihood of making the sale.

Promote Your Users’ Thoughts

In order to create a more personalized brand and boost sales, it has to be a two-way street. If you are only pinging links to shoppers in the hopes that they will make a purchase, then you are not engaging to the best of your ability. In order to do so, try promoting your users’ thoughts by making them seem relevant. You can give your users a voice by leaving feedback and rating systems in place, referring them to review websites, promoting social media for discussion and many other methods. By introducing them to the notion that you view them as a partner, you’ll build a bond of trust with them that encourages them to purchase in the near future.


In order to boost sales for your online brand, you need to build bonds of trust with your shoppers. You can do this by personalizing the brand, and that can be achieved by engaging in thoughtful discussions with them on social media, showcasing the personal elements of your team and by giving your shoppers the ability to weigh in on their experiences with you.

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