What Steps to Take For Mentions in Alexa Voice Results

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The vast majority of search engine optimization focuses on text-based search results – and for good reason. The overwhelming share of search results still occur and appear within text-based parameters, and optimizing for these results is the easiest format for brands and businesses. Nevertheless, a steadily growing segment of the search market focuses on voice-based search results and outcomes.

With more than 100 million Amazon Alexa devices being sold worldwide, it is but one of many examples where voice-based searches and inquiries are growing rapidly. As such, being able to ensure optimal visibility (or in this case, voice) is crucial for long-term dominance.

Today, let’s take a look at what steps any brand should take to target this growing segment of the population – via Amazon searches or in general – in an effective manner.

Optimize for Yelp

Whenever Alexa users are looking to find local businesses and solutions, it is important to remember how vital directories of businesses can be. Since Alexa will naturally look for the best single result (or a handful, in some cases), having all of your brand’s information up-to-date on platforms like Yelp is crucial.

Yelp in particular seems to play an outsized role in being featured in Alexa voice results. By pinging to Google and other search engines brand information via Yelp, Alexa will naturally view your brand with greater relevance when fulfilling locally-relevant queries.

Keep a Consistent Supply of Inventory

When targeting Alexa results via Amazon specifically, there are a number of listing optimizations to consider in order to improve performance. However, arguably the most important dynamic is to ensure your products are always in stock. Alexa will not suggest or allow users to seamlessly purchase a product that isn’t currently in stock, and Amazon itself tracks product inventory levels over time.

The end result: maintaining inventory at all times will increase the chances of being promoted in Alexa’s results.

Offer Prime

If you genuinely want as many shoppers as possible to be recommended your product via Alexa, then offering products via Amazon Prime is a must. In fact, products not available via Prime will not be suggested to Alexa users.

There are a few ways in which to utilize Prime, but for most brands, it is simple enough. Whether you choose to have your products fulfilled by Amazon or by your company, Prime offerings under both situations will be eligible to be featured in Alexa results. There is a process that must be completed before offering such, so be sure not to waste any time setting this up!

Earn Reviews

Whether it is via Amazon product results or general search results elsewhere, the notion of reviews plays an important role.

For products and on Amazon specifically, generating more reviews can quickly increase your prominence in Alexa results. While the balance definitely is one of both quality and quantity, products with a larger number of overall reviews will tend to outrank those with fewer reviews.

Likewise, ranking for Alexa results in locally-relevant searches requires generating reviews. Whether it be through platforms like Yelp or elsewhere, pinging to Google and other search engines an indicator that your business is trustworthy will help improve your chances of being seen (or in this case, heard).

Before anyone dismisses the important of voice-based search results, remember that this is a rapidly-growing segment of the internet in commerce and beyond. To be featured in Alexa results, earning reviews, optimizing for platforms such as Yelp, being consistent with inventory levels and offering Prime delivery are crucial components in the battle for visibility.

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