How to Create a YouTube Business Video That Will Get You Noticed

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Each business has the responsibility of developing a comprehensive strategy to increase buzz and drive traffic in the hopes of increasing revenues in the long term. Knowing how to do this, however, can be a much more complicated series of events. Many businesses attempt to utilize the concept of viral videos as a way to garner attention for their projects, products and services – but success is not guaranteed. If you are seeking to drum up a great business video to gain exposure, then you will need to follow these simple guidelines that will put you on the right path toward success.

Acquiring the Right Equipment

Assuming you are responsible for crafting the video from the ground up, you will first need to come into possession of some proper equipment for capturing the essence of the message. Any camera or recording device will need to be able to capture, record and ultimately output HD video; using standard video quality is no longer an option if you want to be noticed on a large scale. The good news is that HD recording devices have drastically decreased in price over the past few years; a decent 1080p recording device can be procured for well under $300.

Putting It Together

In the vast majority of cases, your video will most likely not be shot in one consistent piece. Because of this, you will need to have access to some form of video editing software through which the pieces of your video can be spliced together. There are basic video editing programs that are free, but you may need a premium solution depending on the level of editing you wish to do. If you are wanting to jazz up the video, you can add transitions, captions and background music to give it a bit more style. You should also keep in mind that YouTube has a 2GB limit on all file uploads, so the video should probably be under fifteen minutes  – assuming it is captured in HD.

Using YouTube

Besides pinging networks to get the message out about your video, you will want to maximize the effect of visibility on YouTube. Some businesses choose to disable comments and ratings; while this can be a good way to hedge your bets against sabotage, it may discourage more interaction with your video and therefore, your business. You will want to make sure that your video is publicly viewable to all in order to gain the maximum amount of exposure.

Sharing The Video

It is vital that you are pinging networks – social networks, to be more specific – in order to get your video’s profile out to as many people as possible. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and also video sharing sites like Vimeo offer an array of options for displaying and sharing your business’ video with others. YouTube also offers a comprehensive sharing and social network platform that will broadcast the video to all linked social networking profiles; if your business already has a Facebook page for instance, it would then be published immediately to the profile.

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