How to Create a Successful Content Syndication Strategy

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Reach and exposure are crucial for successful content marketing strategies. Creating and posting great content is one cornerstone of such a strategy, but it will not yield the results you seek if you do not have enough reach. Content syndication can help you get your content seen by the right people. It is defined as reposting your content on other platforms to reach a wider audience. You do not have to create new content, and the syndication platform gets fresh content to post all the time. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Now that we understand content syndication, let us look at how you can harness its power.

Identify Your Goals

As with any other marketing strategy, you should start by establishing your goals. You need to know where you are right now, where you would like to get to, and how content syndication will get you there.

Outlining your goals this way will help direct your strategy, and also give you something to measure against when trying to improve your content syndication strategy.

Know Your Target Audience

Each website and platform you can use for content syndication has a target audience. If your content does not align with what these people expect, you will be disappointed with the results you get. There is also the risk of the platform you approach not accepting your content.

Look at and analyze your current audience. Know what they are looking for and what types of content resonate well with them. If the platforms you solicit are similar to yours, your content is likely to perform well there, too.

Identify Your Best Content

Before looking for a platform that will accept your content, you need to identify your best content. Doing so will make the syndication website more likely to post our content because they know it will be valuable to their audience.

It also gives you the best introduction to this new audience. This is especially important to consider, especially if you want more traffic from your content syndication platform.

So, which content should you deem your best? Start by looking at your numbers. Identify the content your audience liked, what they spend a lot of time on, and what they shared or commented on. The content should also provide a lot of value to any audience that sees it.

Find a Syndication Platform or Partner

Finding a syndication platform or partner involves a lot of research. Start by finding websites that use words like “originally published on” or “republished from”. Once you have a list of these websites, do a deep dive to see the types of content they post and the types of audiences they attract.

Next, reach out to those that fit your criteria to see if they are open to a syndication arrangement. If you plan on syndicating on multiple platforms, stagger your content so it does not go all at once to different websites.


Your content and syndication partner will determine how much success you see with this strategy. Once you have the content posted on the syndication platform, do not forget to analyze, measure, and refine your strategy so it continues producing great results.

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