Simple Tips to Augment Your Social Media Power

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Social Media PowerWhether you have just created your first social media page for your blog or website, or already have an established presence, the need for consistent improvement is vital if you want to grow and continue to have clout among your fan base. In the past, these sorts of connections were built through traditional blogging and email lists, but social media allows for a more passive yet easier way to communicate with large numbers of people on a consistent basis. If you are reading this, then you probably have a desire to improve overall performance: maybe your social media outreach has just begun or maybe you have noticed some recent decreases in shares and interaction. Whatever the motivation may be, you can quickly improve your social media potential through a few simple steps designed to engage followers and highlight your best content. Below, we will discuss these tips so that you can build the best social media presence possible.

Adopt a Personality

Some of the biggest names in the social media game will tell you that it is not just about pinging your blog‘s best content to social media outlets, but it is more about how you convey that message. Those who decide to like, share and comment on social media updates are motivated in large part by the approach used in the update. If your social media presence blandly describes what your most recent blog posts entail, then you are probably not going to see the amount of traffic you should expect. This can be rectified by adopting a personality that is suitable for your niche. What works for a fledgling art company might not work for a local fitness company, so be sure to consider your audience’s demographics and statistically-likely attitudes beforehand.

Motivate Your Followers

There are plenty of different ways in which you can stir up the passions and feelings of your readers, but how well do you do at conveying the after-effects of such an effort? Social media brands that promote a product or cause, or those that ask for users to participate in a given task must follow-up with users and let them know the progress or results of such actions. If you have requested that your users contribute to a certain charity with the goal of contributing $20,000, then you need to be proactive in providing updates via social media on that progress. Readers want to know that they are making a difference in whatever way you have asked: by keeping this in mind, you are sure to improve both short-term and long-term interaction.

Engage with Fans

While you certainly need to be pinging your blog’s updates to readers, you also need to be initiating communication and following up with those who have questions or comments. A proactive approach in this regard will not only prove to readers that you care about their opinions, but it will also create more opportunities via social signals for others to see your commentary or their friends’. It can also be a great way to meet new people – many of which obviously share your interests and may become staunch supporters of your blog, brand or cause.

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