How to Create a Mobile Popup That Converts

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Popups can be a great lead generation and conversion tool, but you have to know that they work differently on mobile than they work on desktop. You need to design them the right way otherwise they could hurt your conversions and overall SEO. Getting them right, however, can produce amazing results for you. So, how do you create mobile popups that convert instead of annoying and chasing away your visitors?

Ensure Your Popup Is Responsive

Even in cases where your website is not mobile responsive, you need to ensure that your popups are. If not, the users could end up having to scroll or, worse, close the popup. Second, ensure that your popup does not cover the whole screen.

The percentage of the screen the popup covers can depend on the size of the screen of the user’s device and how they are holding their phone, you need to test for these scenarios to ensure your popup does not cover more than 80% of the screen.

Simplify It

Because you have limited real estate to work with, you should try to simplify your popup as much as possible. Start by thinking about its purpose and what you need to include to ensure the popup serves that function. For example, you could add a paragraph and a button and that could be enough for what you need the popup to do.

If you add a signup form, you need to use the least number of fields you can, typically the name and email address. Remember that you have to add an introductory paragraph and button above and below the fields respectively, and you need to account for both.

Keeping things simple helps you get to the point faster, reduces annoyance for your visitors, and helps your popups convert.

Avoid Being Intrusive and Annoying

Regardless of the size and type of popup you use, you should avoid being intrusive and annoying. The best way is to show a popup after the visitor has been on the website for some time. Another way is to use a floating popup that the visitor can get rid of easily if they don’t want to engage with it.

You can also integrate the popup so it looks like additional content on the page. You can do this by making its text lighter, using the same styles and colours you use on the rest of the website and making it easy for users to close.

Use Clear Calls To Action

No matter how well you design a popup, it will not convert if people do not know what actions you expect them to take. Your calls to action should be clear, straightforward and obvious. They should also stand out from the rest of the popup and use copy that tells visitors what you expect them to do. Be as descriptive as possible with the little space and limited number of words you have to work with.


Popups, if designed and used right, can be incredible tools for lead generation and conversion. Their design for mobile users is especially important because you have limited space to work with.

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