An Introvert’s Guide to Communicating Online

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Communicate OnlineIf you’re an introvert, you probably like to keep yourself to yourself. Introverts tend to avoid any unnecessary communication with others, unless they are particularly close to that person, for example a family member or close friend. However, living in the world means that at some point, it’s impossible to avoid communication with others, no matter how hard you try. Although the internet has made it a lot easier for people to communicate without having to pick up a phone or meet up face to face, getting to grips with online communication can be difficult for the introverted amongst us, especially when speaking to people unknown to us in real life.

Online Communication

In general, introverts tend to prefer online communication because it is easier for them to stay in control. If they are unhappy about the way in which a conversation is going, communicating online makes it easier to simply sign off with a quick goodbye, something which is inherently more difficult in a face-to-face or telephone call situation. Another reason why introverts prefer communicating online is that it is often more private. When communicating with another person over the internet, there is no need for you to disclose any information that you do not want them to know.

Networking and Professional Communication

In the digital age of today, a huge majority of the communication that we take part in is done online. This isn’t just limited to family members and friends who keep in touch with each other via web-based apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, it also stretches to the world of work, with more and more remote workers communicating with their bosses purely via the internet. Thanks to advancements such as cloud computing, it’s possible to work for somebody for years without ever having to meet up with them face to face. However, when faced with a professional situation in which they must communication online, introverts can find it difficult. Conference calls over Skype, group chats and other popular online networking methods can all be tricky for introverts to get to grips with.

Effective Communication

If you are an introvert and are required to take part in online communication due to your job, for example, the best way to become comfortable with taking part in these communications is to treat them in a similar way as you would to speaking online with anybody else. When you are communicating online, you can take comfort in the fact that it offers you some degree of anonymity – especially if the person or persons who you are communicating with has never met you in real life. If required to as part of your job, taking part in group discussions is must, although there may be no need for you to instigate them, depending on your position and responsibilities. All in all, online communication can be an effective way to quickly get in touch and many introverts tend to prefer it above all other alternative communication methods.

Online communication has provided introverts everywhere with a way of communicating where they can be both comfortable and in control.

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