How Can You Be Sure Your SEO Consultant Knows What He’s Talking About?

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When it comes to optimizing your website for search engine traffic, you may find that there is more that needs to be done than you can handle. It is at this point that many begin to consider hiring an SEO consultant that can help them expand their horizons through targeted keywords, pinging tools and an array of other services. While many want to jump straight into the act of hiring someone, is it important to determine whether or not this consultant actually knows the subject of SEO well enough to be doing said work. We will give you a few simple clues to help you determine whether or not a given consultant is worth hiring.

Years of Service

There are probably tens of thousands of SEO consultant websites on the internet, so one of the first ways you should eliminate potential risks is by choosing only those firms who have a long-term track record. When you navigate to a SEO consulting firm’s website, be sure to evaluate how long it has been in existence. While this tactic alone will not guarantee the services of a qualified SEO expert, it will make sure that no fly-by-night operations slip into your wallet. Also, keep in mind that some older SEO firms may still be using outdated tactics. We will discuss this more in-depth below.

Guaranteed Results

One of the biggest red flags in the SEO industry is when a particular firm or individual guarantees that you will receive x number of visitors or x amount increase in PageRank in a given period of time. A true SEO expert understands that a plethora of variables go into the process of increasing your exposure. No one person can quantify or guarantee an exact result to occur in a specific amount of time, and those who are best at delivering results know better. Results may take months or even years, so don’t think that a SEO consultant can use a couple of pinging tools, wave a magic wand and make everything come together instantly.

Available Reviews

There is a good chance that if a particular SEO firm has been around for quite some time, that there will be reviews pertaining to their services somewhere on the internet. Even if there is not, you can request from the consultant or firm that they provide several references for you to investigate. Any company that refuses to provide information in regards to references should be avoided like the plague. A serious firm will have references on-hand to provide to potential clients. With references in hand, you may then proceed to verify and determine the quality of the consultant in question.


When you do a quick search on the firm in question, what results do you see? If the only results being displayed are those from their website, then it is a safe bet that utilizing their services may not be the best route. Notable SEO consultants will be well-networked, meaning that you should find guest-written content from them on other sites, as well as press releases and white papers distributed across the web.

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  1. November 14th, 2012 17:11

    Asking how long the seo practitioner has been in business is a great tip. Also I think it’s wise to ask the seo consultant you want to hireif they are they up to speed Google algorithm updates such as Penguin and Panda.


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