Make a Name for Yourself (Using Your Name) on Google

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Fame ButtonBrands and businesses understand fully the need to capitalize on exposure and search visibility on sites such as Bing and Google, but what happens if your brand is you? Many sole proprietorships, freelancers and individual bloggers must make names for themselves on the World Wide Web or risk being irrelevant. In some aspects, it is easier to make a name for yourself using your actual name than it is promoting an actual brand, but this is not always the case. At the very least, there usually is less competition for a given first and last name, but how can you go about this effectively? We’ll discuss below some prime tips for boosting your name recognition on Google and achieving the visibility you desire.

Utilize Social Media

It is no secret that a variety of social media platforms are indexed by Google on a regular basis. In addition to this, almost all of them rank very well in search results. This means that a quick search for your name will likely first show your social media pages (in addition to your website when properly optimized). Twitter, Facebook and other platforms are not only great places to be for pinging search engines with your name, but they’re an excellent venue through which to connect with like-minded individuals, make valuable industry connections and otherwise promote your name to audiences that care about what you have to say.

Always Be Blogging

In order to give your personal website more clout in Google search results, you’ll need content – a lot of it, preferably. Quality content is more important than ever for brands and businesses, and the same can be said for individuals seeking exposure via their names. Bloggers use their platform as a way to inject quality content into the world on a daily or weekly basis – you can take advantage of this simple tactic, too! By publishing content on a regular basis, you’ll rank better in Google, gain subscribers and interested audiences that will return regularly to see what you have to say, and be circulated by others who find the content interesting.

Generate Personal Exposure

What valuable insight or advice do you have on a subject? Have you recently completed a major project of importance? There are a variety of media outlets – both online and in the “brick and mortar” world – that are looking for people to interview and stories to cover. If you have an interesting story or experience to share, then find ways to approach industry leaders and media outlets with this information. Chances are that if the story is interesting, somebody will be willing to cover it. This will generate new exposure for your name in different websites and media outlets, helping to further associate your name with what you do in search and beyond.


By generating exposure for yourself via media and online sources, blogging regularly to generate content that is pinging search engines and utilizing social media to improve clout on high-ranking websites in search, your name will quickly ascend in prominence in many targeted Google SERPs!


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