Is Flipping Websites a Good Way to Make Money Online?

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In your pursuit to build a better, more successful website, you may have considered whether or not website flipping is another avenue to pursue. For those not familiar with the concept, website flipping is the act of buying either a domain or fully-functional website with the intent to “flip” it – which simply means reselling it to another party – for an added profit. As with any business endeavour, there are risks and benefits that can come from doing this. We will describe to you some of the key points that anyone should consider when and if they decide to embark upon this business venture.

Time is Proportionate to Profit

The act of flipping websites is not necessarily time intensive, but it can take some time before you can flip the site for a profit. Many website flippers buy various domain names in the hopes that one day, a particular individual or business will be willing to pay a premium to obtain ownership of that site. You will also find that some website flippers create one website where all of their offerings are listed; others may opt to use existing forums and digital marketplaces to find prospective buyers. Whatever the route, you should be prepared for the reality that flipping a website is not always easy and can take weeks, months or possibly even years.

Web Skills A Plus

Some consider website flipping to be the act of simply flipping domain names or websites built by someone else. You may find an increased amount of profit and better results if you are able to create the sites you are flipping. Many web developers build sites in bulk, optimize them, use pinging tools best suited to aggregate information, create a set amount of content and then transfer ownership to an interested party. This route is notably better if you do not have any current capital to put out there; while it does cost a bit of money to procure a domain name and web hosting space, it can be far cheaper than simply purchasing domains and sites to flip.

Be On The Lookout

Part of being a good website flipper revolves around your ability to scout out potential “fixer-uppers”. There is a limitless supply of websites on the internet that are structurally sound but could use some improvements to really unleash their SEO potential. If you have the skills necessary to improve these, chances are you can make quite a profit. Contact the webmaster with an initial offer – if it is fair, you will find that many webmasters will be happy to relinquish ownership of a site. You will also want to verify ownership with one of the pinging tools best capable of identifying ownership: Pingler’s Domain Whois Retriever.


Venturing into website flipping can be a rewarding task, but there can also be huge risks. You should be prepared to make investments that may take time to recoup, as well as investments that simply never pay off. Once you develop a knack for finding the right websites, though, you should be able to fairly easily charter a path to financial success by flipping websites.

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