Here’s Why Your AdWords Quality Score Matters

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Ranking  ScoreGetting the word out to the world about your business, brand, products and services can be a tall order. After all, there has never been more competition for the attention of consumers, thanks in large part to the internet. With a direct portal into the homes of consumers, it can be tempting to consider marketing tactics that put your message in front of these individuals. AdWords is one way that businesses and brands have taken advantage of technology to promote themselves, but not all AdWords campaigns are created equally. The Quality Score of an AdWords campaign can affect how well your ad performs, but why exactly does this matter? In the following article, we’ll discuss why your Quality Score matters so that you will have more incentive to maximize this metric.

Better Rankings

You are probably already familiar with AdWords and its positions across various search results. You’ll see results up top, at the bottom and along the right-hand side of most search results, giving plenty of room to those who want to target specific niches. When you’re pinging search engines with AdWords content, your rankings and positioning is determined by a complex series of algorithms. Google wants to place the most potentially profitable ads near the top and in positions where they are bound to get the most clicks. This does not mean that a high bid will get you a great spot; rather, it means that the ads that are likely to have the highest clickthrough rates get the best positions.

Cost Savings

A higher Quality Score with AdWords can actually save you money. When it comes to CPC campaigns, there is a clear correlation between cost and Quality Scores. While some businesses may not be too worried about the costs of their campaigns, a high score can ultimately save brands money in the long-run – something that is crucial for smaller businesses that may have tight budgets. The difference in CPC costs can sometimes make the difference between running one campaign or two campaigns, so it comes as no surprise that many people wish to improve their Quality Scores in order to take advantage of this benefit.

More Profitable Campaigns

With lower costs and better positioning, you are bound to enjoy more profitable campaigns. You will find that with a higher Quality Score, not only are your clicks more valuable, but your budgets will ultimately be slimmer for a given amount of success when compared to an AdWords users with a lower score. While the improvement of Quality Scores can take time and certainly isn’t something over which you have full control, the careful consideration of your ad copy and imagery can go a long way in convincing Google that your advertisements are bound to perform better. That is the biggest trick when it comes to improving your Quality Score.


If you want to do well in Google AdWords, then you need a good Quality Score. The benefits that come with such include more profitable campaigns, cost savings and better positioning of your ads in search results. If you want to improve this score, then be sure to focus on developing good ad copy and relevant imagery that ensures users interact with the ad relevantly.

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