Ways to Create SEO and User-Friendly Headlines

SEO FriendlyThere are several different ways to capture the attention of potential readers, social media users and customers when it comes to your blog or website’s posts. In the past, it was fairly simple to compete for attention due to a lack of information in many categories, but the age of SEO has created an environment in which even the smallest niches now have lots of competition. Not only do you have to attract the attention of readers, but you also have to do well with search engines in order to be seen in the first place. As search engines like Google become more discerning about each piece of content they index, you need to be on your A-game in order to ensure success. The following article will discuss ways you can create headlines for your blog posts that are both user-friendly and SEO compatible.

Combine Emotion with SEO

The best way to create those captivating headlines when pinging for SEO is to incorporate buzz words that both search engines and your audience will find appealing. Creative writing always uses emotions to elicit a response from the reader, whether that be an emotion or an action. Many strong verbs likewise perform well in search engines because they help associate your content with dozens of different keywords. As you combine emotional pleas and stories with crafty SEO concepts, you can be sure that search engines will love your headlines, as well as readers. In the case of the latter, this will make readers more likely to read and engage with your content.

Understanding SEO Changes

As times have changed, so has SEO. When it comes to headlines, you should still be striving to target related keywords, but you can use this as an opportunity to be creative as well. Search engines are learning to love what readers love more and more, so a strategy that balances these two elements is vital. As keywords continue to become longer and longer (on average, from 3 words as of ten years ago to 6 words today), your titles can be longer as well. This way, you can hit multiple keywords and phrases while still having room to inject creativity into the mix.

Basic Characteristics of a Good Headline

In the modern day, great headlines have a few key characteristics. For starters, they tend to be content-rich, which can sometimes be up to thirty words in length. A plea that activates the emotional side of readers is often used in creative headlines in order to draw them in (think bait). While keyword targeting should be in the back of your mind, overt usage of non-creative keywords in creative titles should be avoided. Last but not least, the use of fear, negativity or shock has been a popular form of emotional targeting that seems to do wonders when it comes to captivating readers’ attention.


Pinging for SEO and attracting readers via quality headlines is a fairly simple task. You can use longer, more creative headlines these days to grab the attention of readers while also enhancing SEO prospects. Emotion is also a key component of this method, rewarding those who can adequately tap into the happiness, sadness or excitement of readers.

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