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Gold PlusNearly one year ago, Google + launched a new feature known as Google+ Ripples. For those of us who are interested in taking advantage of every search engine optimization strategy, a new social networking feature can make a world of difference for getting our sites, blogs and products exposure in new and exciting mediums. I have had several people ask recently: what is Google+ Ripples? In lieu of this, we will be detailing the main aspects of it so that you can understand with greater appreciation the potential benefits that it may be able to provide to your online strategy.

The Premise

Google+ Ripples is an interactive, graphical way to display which friends have shared which posts. This solution is completely free – unlike similar tools used for Facebook and Twitter – and integrated directly into the Google+ construct, giving you the ability to utilize it at will. The displayed “network” shows all publicly made posts of yours and who then went on to share them. Users will find this to be reminiscent of the word clouds or association databases we have seen elsewhere on the internet. Those who have shared the most content with the most people will have larger circles around their names, while those who have shared fewer times will be displayed in smaller circles.


When viewing Google+ Ripples, you have the option of seeing each share of an article, when it was shared, what language it was shared in and the actual post of the person sharing the content. For each circle or person, you have the ability to zoom in and see the vital statistics of the share and who else has shared it from them. This makes it a great tool for monitoring how posts can go viral, giving you greater insight into the success you are having within your own advertising campaign. If you want to monitor backlinks from the outside, using Pingler’s Backlink Checker makes a great companion to use with Google+ Ripples.

Taking Advantage

So how exactly does this translate into being effective for you? The best place to begin your search is by finding the big sharers on the network, sometimes called influencers. These people are sharing large amounts of content – some earn a living while doing it, while others do it simply for fun. By searching posts within Google+ Ripples that are related to your niche, sooner or later you will discover these types of people. Try initiating conversation and see if an arrangement can be worked out. You also must be sure to follow-up with each person to demonstrate your intent to work together.

If you have already built up a loyal circle of friends and acquaintances on Google+, then you can also attempt the same method with people whom you already have interaction. Many of the best advertisers of a product or service either use it or have friends that do. Last but not least, offer free samples or discounts if you are offering subscriptions or a paid feature to get the word out there.

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    Pingler makes great sense. I will be using this service to pinpoint my top influencers which I can see is a big time-saver that can get lot’s more Google traffic to my blog.


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